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My Very First Steak

Sizzling Plate
#86 Session Road
Baguio City, Benguet
+63 (074)442-4219
15 November 2010

K and I traveled that morning to Baguio City via Victory Liner. I sure hoped we could take the Deluxe Bus so there won't be any stop over during the trip, but since they don't have the Deluxe Bus with the Comfort Room in it (they only have the non-stop bus), we decided to take the normal air-conditioned bus, which turned out to be a good choice because we were able to buy some snacks at Siesta and Sison bus stops.

This holiday was very well planned - from the hotel where we will stay at, to the tourist spots I would like K to see. I have been in Baguio City countless times, but I hoped to see the place with new pair of eyes, especially when it comes to food trips, because the many times I traveled there I would just eat at the typical fast food chains, or buy myself some bread at the Sunshine Bakery. This Baguio City trip will surely be different.

After checking in at Chalet Tepeyac, K and I rested a bit and went to SM City Baguio so I could buy some flip flops as well as roam around and take pictures. For dinner, I wanted to take K at Oh My Gulay because I haven't seen the place yet, but it was a bit unfortunate that the place was closed as they were having a party.

Sizzling Plate - Baguio

We could certainly walk back to SM and find a restaurant there, but when we passed by Sizzling Plate, K told me, "You wanted to eat steak on this holiday, right? Let's eat steak." I was touched when I heard that... The night he got here, I sort of told him that - because I still haven't eaten steak - and I was happy he remembered it.

Sizzling Plate - Baguio Sizzling Plate - Baguio

The place was big enough to accommodate a lot of guests, and I felt lucky we got there while the place was still a little bare, because while we were waiting for orders, guests started to come in. They do have different branches around Baguio City - including one in SM, but it was great we got to dine here and not in their SM branch because dining here felt we had a unique dining experience.

Our server for that day was so friendly. He was quick to explain some things on the menu and he was confident in sharing his idea about our choices. In the end we had...

Sizzling Sisig

Sizzling Sisig. No fancy ingredients (like chicharon and egg) - just pure chopped pig's ears and cheeks. I told K the ingredients of the dish, but he still chose to go for it, because while eating somewhere, he saw Sisig on one of the menus and he was very interested with it. He said it tasted okay, but way too rich for his liking. If you ask me, it sure tasted great, something I would like to have with mounds of rice on the side.

Australian Porterhouse Steak

Australian Porterhouse Steak

Australian Porterhouse Steak. They do have two sets of the Porterhouse Steak. Asking the server about the difference, he said that they use local beef. My choice obviously came from Australia. So... why did I choose this? Well, this is my first steak, let it be special! :) They also offer Rib-Eye and T-Bone... and while I don't know the difference of each, this one's the most expensive cut (p265), so I chose it.

My late father have thought me how to use the knife and fork when cutting meat, but since this was my first steak and K wanted it to be really special - he cut the steak for me. Well, he left some parts for me to cut - he just wanted to be my "servant" that time. Hahaha.

Sans Rival

Sans Rival. I told K that I would try to include dessert every time we dine, and for this dinner, I went for a slice of Sans Rival (which K and I shared). It was crunchy yet chewy, not so sweet yet able to satisfy my sweet tooth. I love it so much I wanted to have another slice, but of course this was enough.

Soup of the Day

All meals on their menu are served with Soup and Java Rice (or bread). I obviously went for the rice, K went for the bread. Well, our plates had some green beans and French Fries, which actually tasted good when eaten with the beef.

I appreciated K's ways of making this holiday a memorable one. He doesn't really like that I eat a lot, but he understood my reasons, so he was okay with it. After our dinner, we walked along Session Road for a while before we hailed a taxi that took us back to the Chalet.


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Jao said...

Sizzling plate and baguio goes a long way, comfort food when in baguio

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