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Oh Em Gee, Let's Eat Veggies!

Oh My Gulay!
Penthouse, La Azotea Building
Session Road - Baguio City, Benguet
+63 918-6676025
16 November 2010

Thanks to a magazine television show that showcased the Top 10 food places around Baguio City, I got to learn about this vegetarian restaurant. When K told me he wanted to put Baguio City in our itinerary for the holiday, I told him I would take him here.

K had Sizzling Sisig for dinner the night before, and I don't know if it was because of the dish or the cold Baguio weather or the fact that his body is still coping up with the time difference, but he wasn't at his 100% that morning. He was sluggish and somewhat dizzy, that while roaming around Wright Park he asked if we could sit down so he could close his eyes for a few seconds. We decided to travel back to the chalet so he could rest while I read magazines I borrowed from the front desk.

La Azotea Building

It was past 12nn when he woke up, and he quickly asked me to get ready so we could go out and eat. We planned to eat at Oh My Gulay! last night, but because of certain circumstances, we weren't able to. Today, we decided to get back - just to check if it was already open. We didn't ask the guard at the entrance of the building where the restaurant was located... so when K and I climbed the stairs to the third floor, we sort of wondered if we did enter the right building. One more floor and we were there. Hooray!

Oh My Gulay!

I already knew that the restaurant is haven for art enthusiasts, but entering the place, both K and I were in awe! I didn't imagine it would be that pretty in person! Anyway, there was a group having art classes so we weren't able to take much pictures at the ground floor, we just let one of their wait staff to usher us to the second floor so we could get ourselves settled. Some pictures I took:

Oh My Gulay!

From afar, am not sure what this is, but sure looks like a table and a chair.

Oh My Gulay!

Another dining area; K was able to cross a short hanging bridge from our location to this one, but I had fears of crossing it because it looked fragile, and it might not be able to support my weight. Well, there was a stairway from the ground floor to this one, so diners are still safe.

Oh My Gulay!

K and I wanted to eat here because it would make the dining experience unique (I wanted to sit at that stool that looked like a pig), but the sun was so bright and shiny we decided to change tables.

Oh My Gulay!

Finally, we settled for these round tables - I loved that the chairs weren't the same to each other, by the way.

Oh My Gulay! is run by Eric de Guia, also known as Kidlat Tahimik, a native of Baguio City and a known filmmaker. Aside from this restaurant, he is also behind VOCAS (Victor Oteyza Community Art Space), which aims to showcase the artworks of local artists. VOCAS is also located in this very same spot, and most artworks here are available for purchase.

Food? We had...

Oh My Gulay Salad

Oh My Gulay! Salad. Trademark salad of assorted market vegetables on a bed of greens served with our blend of honey mustard or herb dressing. I had the honey mustard dressing for this, and I loved it because it wasn't too thick and it just provided that taste I wanted for the vegetables. Well, this is Baguio City, so the vegetables were so fresh, and I guess not being able to eat vegetables for a few days, this was a great change.

Alfesto Pasta

Alfesto Pasta. Pasta tossed with bechamel milk sauce topped with luscious cheddar and basil pesto. Again, the sauce wasn't too thick, but it did has the creamy milk flavor. The basil pesto kinda looked like caterpillar's "you know what," but it looked unique and it gave the right amount of pesto flavor for the pasta.


Mansanas. Crepe stuffed with fresh apples, caramelized with brown sugar and cinnamon, served with chocolate drizzles. K wasn't hungry (he still wasn't feeling good), so he just went for this for his lunch (yep, I ate the salad and pasta all by myself). I wasn't able to taste this one, but K said it was great.

Dayap Iced Tea

Dayap Iced Tea. Lime infused brewed iced tea. I wanted to try their Limonada (as it uses freshly squeezed lemons), but it wasn't available, so I just went for this. It tasted like regular iced tea, but the dayap did provide an interesting twist.

Oh My Gulay!

K and I didn't have fancy eating that day - come to think of it, dishes weren't that expensive, but we did enjoy our lunch. My pictures weren't that beautiful, but the place is awesome, I tell you. I so look forward to dine here again.

After that hearty lunch, K and I walked to the Baguio Cathedral, then we took a taxi going to Tam-Awan Village.

ps - Big, big thanks to Ms. Maiylah for featuring my Diced Chicken Cashews this week on Food Friday.


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