Thursday, December 15, 2011

Breakfast at The Nest

The Nest - Chalet Tepeyac
177 Leonard Wood Rd.,
Baguio City, Benguet
+63 (074)444-6846; +63 (074)442-3956; +63 (074)442-7504 - Fax
16 - 17 November 2010

It was by watching the former senator Migs Zubiri's "The Pinoy Explorer" that led me to know about Chalet Tepeyac, a very nice place to stay at away from the hustle and bustle of Baguio City. It's not like the typical hotel where everyone enters the main entrance and either take the stairs or the elevator to get to the rooms, Chalet Tepeyac is like staying in an apartment located in a big compound. I loved the atmosphere of having "a place of our own."

Our stay there was basically three days and two nights (though we left early morning of Day Three), and part of the package was free breakfast for two. For this post, I'd like to talk more about the breakfasts K and I had for two days.

The Nest

Connecting the main building (front desk) and the rooms was The Nest, Chalet Tepeyac's own restaurant.

The Nest

It was very spacious and very homey inside, and I do love their staff! They were all sweet and nice and very friendly. Well, K and I were the only guests that time (November is an off-peak season that's why), so we were able to roam around - even staying at this corner in the restaurant just to enjoy the background and sit on the floor (with blankets and throw pillows) while waiting for food to be served.

They had a set of meals for breakfast and these meals were the only free ones included in the package. Of course, they could serve other dishes on the menu, but we had to pay for it if we really wanted to order it.

Brewed Coffee

Obviously, coffee is a vital part of breakfast; since this one was quite strong for my liking, I did put in a lot of sugar and milk on my coffee. K loved his coffee with just some sugar, so I kind of poured in most of the milk in my cup.

American Breakfast

For both days, K went for the American Breakfast - 3 slices of bread cut diagonally (total of 6 slices), with a serving of butter and a serving of marmalade. He doesn't eat much rice... so he was happy with this.


For the first breakfast day, I went for the LongSiLog. It has been a tradition for me to taste different regional longganisa, but this one tasted like the typical garlic longganisa. It was good - it was more meaty than fatty, and I loved how it was well seasoned. The egg? I only ate the white part; I love sunny side up egg, but I don't like runny yolk.


For the second day of breakfast, I went for the DaingSiLog, just to break the pork-chicken streak I was having for this holiday. I already told the server to cook the yolk this time, so I was able to eat the whole egg. The tomato-onion relish on the side paired well with the fish, but I still asked for a some vinegar and garlic, just because I always pair my Daing na Bangus with spiced vinegar.

K and I enjoyed the breakfasts because it gave us time to talk about our plans for the day. Every now and then, the staff would talk to us (because we talked to her first), and K commended the skills of the wait staff - he said she knew how to serve food well (wait I forgot, should the server be at the right or left side of the guest? Anyway, she was at the correct side whenever she served food) and she wasn't lazy to stay at one side and serve the food by placing the plates on the table (like some wait staff we encountered).

We loved our stay at Chalet Tepeyac, but the food trip there isn't over yet... they do have another restaurant, where we dined on our last night in Baguio. Will talk more about that next time.


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