Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pasalubong from All Over

Regional Products

I just would like to thank certain people for the gift of regional products:

Our neighbor Cindy for the pack of Chicharon from Carcar, Cebu.
> She traveled to Carcar, Cebu to be with her in-laws and when she got back, she gave us two packs of Chicharon, which she said she bought directly from the factory and she even packed the goods she bought. Well, chicharon has always been my poison (one of my favorite food), but because I am now traveling the road to weight loss, looks like am not going to taste this one. However, should I get the chance to travel back to Cebu, I sure would like to experience what she experienced - entering factories can be so fun! :)

Our neighbor Ria for the pack of Apas from Quezon.
> She celebrated Christmas in Quezon, and because she already knows Apas is one of my brother's favorite regional food, she decided to buy it for us. The big pack contained 4 small packs, brother already ate two as of this writing. I still haven't tasted it, though.

My sister for the Uraro from Batangas, as well as Shing-a-Ling and Banana Chips from Laguna.
>Christmas afternoon, sister went to party with friends and the next morning they decided to travel to Laguna. She didn't buy a box of Buko Pie anymore, but she knows I love Shing-a-Ling so she bought me a pack. :) I already ate the pack of Shing-a-Ling and Banana Chips, the Uraro I might eat tomorrow, but not all at once. :)

The Philippines is really rich in different regional food products; while I am not really much into native delicacies, I really love the crunchy ones! Too bad I won't get to eat the Chicharon, but it's okay.

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