Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend Eating | Kakanin Sampler

Happy new week, foodies!

I guess most of you are busy for the Halloween / All Saints and Souls Day; me? Am just here at home, so I have all the time to blog. :) Well, I decided not to continue my La Union trip due to financial constraints, and since brother is currently up north with his girlfriend (they're in Vigan right now -- gah, I can only sigh about that, hahaha), the family decided to just let him light the candles on daddy's grave.

In our family, brother's the most strict one when it comes to eating fatty food. Before, he actually eats anything (he loves eating artery clogging food), but one time in 2008, while we were both in La Union, he complained about a headache. Our aunt Julie (a nurse), took his blood pressure and it read 180 over something - causing an alarm. Brother said he grilled some pork liver and heart for lunch (aunt and I were on a road trip, we got home 8pm). Aunt let brother took a pill, which he had to place under his tongue until it melted, and the feeling of all of it was a big lesson for my brother. He still eats liver from time to time, but after that day he really stopped eating pork fat, chicken skin, and animal internals.

However, that's not the case for us girls (mom, sis, and I), so when brother left Friday night, us three decided we would eat pork pata! Hahahaha. Yesterday morning, sis and I went to the market to buy pata and somewhere, we saw a food cart selling native delicacies. Sister still hasn't had her breakfast, so we approached the cart to buy something for her. I didn't know if it tasted good, so I just bought one of each.

Kakanin Sampler

There were two kinds of puto (one with cheese, the other with salted egg), pichi-pichi, kutsinta, and peanut roll - which is like the nilupak, but this one had grounded peanut paste (not really peanut butter) instead of cheese. I don't know how much each cost, but when the vendor was computing it, I heard him add 4, 5, and 6, and our total bill was 26, so I guess the kutsinta was 4 pesos, the puto with cheese and pichi-pichi were 5 pesos each, and the peanut roll and puto with egg were 6 each. Did I count that right? Yep. 26 pesos all in all.

Kakanin Sampler

I already had my breakfast that morning, but because I want to blog about this, I had to taste it. I just got an itty bitty piece from each, and all tasted good! Among these, it was the pichi-pichi I liked the best. My sister and mom loved the kutsinta. The puto were like the typical puto we eat (I figure this is "Puto Maya," - putong gawa sa Maya hotcake mix, lolz), and the peanut roll tasted good, but all of us prefer the one with cheese more.

The food cart had a signage saying it accepts bulk orders. Should I see the food cart again, I will definitely interview the vendor. :)

Oh, about the pata... we did buy one, and cook it for lunch (as always it's the Pinatisang Pata ng Baboy), and I am so thankful that the pata we bought wasn't really fatty. It's basically skin and meat, but some fat I took out before I cook it.

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So... what did you have last weekend? If you're new to the Weekend Eating meme, you can read the rules and get the badge codes HERE. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined last week.

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