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Restaurants' Menu for the Appetite Magazine Restaurant Festival 2011

You probably read all about my foodie adventure on board "flight" Appetite Magazine Restaurant Festival 2011 - the grand launch, for now, let me share to you the foods by different restaurants, which is part of the whole festival.

Presenting the restaurants in alphabetical order:
Cafe Provencal

Café Provençal
2/Level Shangri-la Plaza Mall
+63 (02)631-8046

Their menu for the Restaurant Festival at p500
  • French Onion Gratinee
  • Grilled Chicken Provençal
  • Apple Tart Tartin

I only got to try a little piece of their Grilled Chicken Provençal, and it was okay for me. Although, I can't say much because it was such a little piece (just one bite), so it wasn't enough to say if it was good or not.

Claw Daddy

Claw Daddy
6/Level Shangri-la Plaza Mall
+63 (02)636-5679

Their menu for the Restaurant Festival at p699:
  • Buffalo Wings
  • Choice of : Smoked BBQ Chicken Quarter and Bbq Baby backribs with dirty rice
    OR BBQ Baby Back Ribs and Fish and Chips
  • Peanut Butter Rice Crispy bar

I got a piece of their Smoked BBQ Chicken Quarter and it was good. The meat was tender and the BBQ Sauce was so good. I also got to taste their Buffalo Wings c/o my cousin Marjorie (of Living Marjorney), and while chewing on it, I was wondering why our friend Grace said it was too spicy for her taste when it wasn't spicy for me. The spice kicked in a bit later, and yes, it was indeed spicy, but good! The spice actually was quite addicting that I was longing for it. Too bad I was already full that night, and one bite was all I had.


5/Level Shangri-la Plaza Mall
+63 (02)635-6087

Their menu for the Restaurant Festival at p500:
  • Caesar Salad and Mushroom Soup
  • Chicken Ala Pobre
  • Baked Fish in Olive Oil
  • Mango Cream Crepe

The passport which we used to get stamps from different stops was glossy, and at first I already stopped by Cravings because my passport already had a stamp mark. After I finished eating, I realized I still wasn't able to visit their booth, so it was only the Caesar Salad that I got to taste. It had chicken and bacon bits, and the dressing was I think the best Caesar Salad dressing I have tasted.

Crustasia Asian Bistro

6/Level Shangri-la Plaza Mall
+63 (02)910-4096

Their menu for the Restaurant Festival at p798:
  • The Grand Javanese Sampler
  • Steamed Fish Fillets with Black Bean Tapenade
  • Hunan Cumin Ribs
  • Indonesian Banana and Caramel Crepes

Of the four samplers, I got the square one. The filling was actually tasty, but I guess since the food were served a few minutes before the event and there were introductory speeches before the main foodie adventure, so I guess that was why the wrapper was already soggy. Still, it was something worth trying - I am sure it would taste better if it was warm and the wrapper still crunchy. The Hunan Cumin Ribs was way too spicy for me, and the Steamed Fish Fillets with Black Bean Tapenade was one of my top three dishes for the night. The fish and the tapenade was a perfect match. It was spicy good!


6/Level Shangri-la Plaza Mall
+63 (02)637-3090

Their menu for the Restaurant Festival at p500:
  • Kalamarakia (served with Tzatziki)
  • Chicken Souvlaki served with: parsley salad and pita
  • Moussaka served with roasted potatoes
  • Yiaourti Me Meli

There were no more Kalamarakia and Chicken when I stopped by Cyma, so I only got the Moussaka and the Yiaourti Me Meli. The moussaka was intriguing, something I cannot put my finger on, which was why I kept eating it until I finished it. The Yiaourti Me Meli was a bit tangy, but eating it with the pistachios balanced it.

C2 (Classic Cuisine)

C2 (Classic Cuisine)
The Ledge, 6/Level Shangri-la Plaza Mall
+63 (02)636-1510

Their menu for the Restaurant Festival at p500:
  • Ensaladang Prutas at Lato
  • Seared Tilapia with Coconut Emulsion
  • Pork Humba
  • Durian Brulee

This was my first stop for the night, so I asked them to serve me a little of each of their dishes. The Ensalada was a good start, my sister and I were raving about the pomelos and seaweed that we wanted to prepare it at home in the future. The Seared Tilapia tasted good, the Pork Humba was a bit sweet for my preference, and the Durian Brulee was something I didn't really like - simply because I don't eat durian. My brother said it was good, though.

Green Tomato

Green Tomato
6/Level Shangri-la Plaza Mall
+63 (02)633-5348

Their menu for the Restaurant Festival at p600:
  • Spinach Dumpling
  • Sausage and Shrimp Pasta
  • Four Cheese Pizza
  • Tiramisu

I only got to taste their Four Cheese Pizza and it was so good I kinda regretted why I only asked them to put that itty bitty piece on my plate. I sure want to eat it again.

Lemongrass Asian Bistro

1/Level Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Their menu for the Festival at p500:
  • California Maki
  • Lemon Chicken Fillet with Tangy Sauce served with Garlic Rice
  • Pork BBQ in Skewers
  • Thai Tago with Water Chestnut

From them, I only tried the chicken and the dessert (Thai Tago with Water Chestnut). I so loved the chicken - it was surely different from the other lemon chicken dishes I tasted. I loved the dessert, too, it just had the right sweetness. It was somewhat a fusion between Maja Blanca and Galapong, something I hope I can try again.

Pages Deli

Pages Deli
1/Level (Streetscape) Shangri-La Plaza Mall
+63 (02)477-4718

Their menu for the Restaurant Festival:
Set A (p500)
  • Crunchy Chicken Breast with Mango and Papaya
  • Animal Farm (Turkey with Bacon Sandwich)
  • Chocolate Mousse

Set B (p500)
  • Mushroom or Tomato Soup
  • The New York Times Bestseller Sandwich (Signature Triple Decker)
  • Coffee

Set C (p500)
  • Turkey Greens (Salad)
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth (Sausage Sandwich, 6”)
  • Classic Cheesecake

Set D (p700)
  • Goat Cheese-Stuffed Chicken Breast with Tomato Vinaigrette (Salad)
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Grilled fish fillet with 1 cup rice or mashed potato)
  • Bolognese Pasta
  • Apple Pie

Set E (p700)
  • Onion Soup
  • Turkey Greens (Salad)
  • Much Ado About Nothing (Quarter Chicken with 1 cup rice or mashed potato)
  • Classic Cheesecake

Set F (p700)
  • 1 cup Mushroom Soup
  • Taming of the Shrew (Roast Beef with 1 cup rice or mashed potato)
  • Belgian Chocolate Cake

Thanks to my brother who took a sandwich from here, I was able to taste their sausage. Again, it was a tinnie tiny bite that I couldn't tell if it was good or not. I know I got to taste this "unknown pasta dish" from here - fettucine in tomato sauce with shrimps - but I don't know it's exact name. It was actually another one of my top three dishes for the night, until now I was still raving how good it was.

Pepper Lunch

Pepper Lunch
Garden Court, Shangri-La PLaza Mall
+63 (02)634-3231, +63 (02)631-6410 / Fax: +63 (02)631-6410

Their menu for the Restaurant Festival at p500
  • Miso Soup
  • Cut Steak and Burger (served in one hot plate with mixed pepper rice)
  • Kuromitsu Ice Cream

Sadly, I wasn't able to try anything from Pepper Lunch because they already ran out of food the time I stopped by their booth.

Pho Hoa

Pho Hoa
6/Level Shangri-la Plaza Mall
+63 (02)633-8481

Their menu for the Restaurant Festival at p500:
  • Fresh Spring Rolls
  • Com Thit Nuong Cha Guio (Grilled Pork and Fried Spring Rolls with Rice)
  • Mango Crepe with Ice Cream

I tried both of their spring rolls, and I would say I preferred the fried one more; maybe because the fresh one had coriander leaves, something I don't eat too much of.

Sing Haianese Chicken

Sing Haianese Chicken
6/Level Shangri-La Plaza Mall
+63 (02)710-3511

Their menu for the Restaurant Festival at p500:
  • Green Vegetables and Oyster Sauce
  • Fish Cakes
  • Hainanese Chicken
  • Coco Pandan

Their Haianese Chicken was L-O-V-E! It was great even without the dipping sauces, even my brother loved it. I got to taste the Coco Pandan (a drink) from my sister and it was so refreshing and it was a drink and dessert rolled into one.

Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe
5/Level, Shangri-La Plaza Mall
+63 (02) 637-0367

Their menu at the Restaurant Festival at p500:
  • Minestrone Soup
  • Tom Yum Spaghetti
  • Grilled Black Pepper Chicken
  • Chocolate Indulgence

From here I tried the Tom Yum Spaghetti, and although it had a hint of sweetness, it was still good.

The Restaurant Festival is on-going until the end of November this year. These menus were specifically prepared by the restaurants for the Festival, and should you want to visit any of the participating restaurants, do know that if you use your MasterCard for every p1000 spent, you can enjoy free parking at the mall. Also, you can also get a free treat from selected restaurants (C2, Green Tomato, Claw Daddy, Pages Deli, Secret Recipe, Pho Hoa, and Lemongrass), simply by presenting a coupon, which you can find at the November 2011 issue of the Appetite Magazine. These coupons are also available at the concierge and at the entrances of the mall.

If you're planning to eat out with family or friends, why not visit any of the restaurants participating at the Restaurant Festival? If you have any queries, or should you want additional information about this festival, you can call any of the restaurants' phone numbers, or follow Appetite Magazine on Facebook and/or Twitter.


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