Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's Lunch

NY Lunch

weekend snapshots

Because of a quite busy schedule I had during the holidays, it was just now that I was able to tell stories about the past few days.

Anyway, because we had a quite heavy media noche, lunch wasn't that heavy, although I admit we cooked rather a lot for that lunch. My brother was supposed to prepare, but he didn't come with us when we went to shop for ingredients, so we decided to do something simple for this lunch. Normally, it's during Christmas and New Year's Day lunches when we pig out, and this is a change of pace for us.

Sister cooked tilapia fillets a la cordon bleu, while I cooked ginataang sitaw and kalabasa (squash and string beans on coconut milk). I figured all those merry making made us forget to eat vegetables, so I decided on this. I just added some prawns because it's one of mom's favorite foods. Sister made a little experiment by making potato balls with cheese inside. It was very good, although I thought it needed more breadcrumbs for it to be crunchier.

It was just us three girls who ate lunch because brother was still sleeping. It was a very delicious lunch - the tilapia fillets were very awesome and the veggie dish I cooked was comforting. Brother bought packs of coconut milk for this, and it was a good option because it already had taste.

By the way, we also ate left over fish spring rolls from last night.

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Ibyang said...

wow! that all looks so yum!

happy new year!


Dora said...

The dishes look so special! Have not tried before.

Marites said...

tilapia fillet a la cordon bleu? Interesting! i like tilapia deepfried:) wish i could have what you had. sounds delicious. My Ws is up here

Kero said...

ooh i'd love to taste guinataang sitaw and kalabasa! sometimes i put alimasag to it also. yummy! my entry is here

SASSY MOM said...

Yummy! Interesting dishes.

Thanks for sharing!

Inya said...

I can't resist the shrimps even though I am allergic to it.

Ladynred said...

What a yummy foods. Sarap din myang ginataan na shrimps.

Strider said...

Yummy! Especially that ginataang hipon. Must remember to take my Virlix after. lol! HNY!

spiCes said...

oh that's what i miss more! neighbors! with lotsa goodies!:)

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