Thursday, January 15, 2009

Food Choices #5

Sweet Treats 101
1. Which do you often snack on – sweet, sour, spicy?
>>> Salty. I am not really much on the other flavors. At most times, I get satisfied eating salty chips.

2. Can you tell me what specific food you snack on in relation with your answer to number#1?

>>> Corn chips. My favorite is J&J Chippy (red) and J&J Tostillas (yellow)

3. Cakes or chocolates?
>>> Cakes. Although I eat chocolates, I am very picky when it comes to it. I only eat bar chocolates and I usually go for the bittersweet ones. However, I only eat chocolates when I am in the mood for some. It's weird though, because I love chocolate flavored food - cakes, ice cream.. etc.

4. If you love chocolates, which do you prefer – milk, dark, with almonds, etc?
>>> Dark, with nuts.

5. How do you control your cravings for sweet stuff (I have a hard time with mine!)?
>>> I am not really into sweet foods, so I don't really have a problem with those stuffs.

Fear Factor:
Tell me what big thing will stop you from snacking sweets.
>>> FBS (Fasting Blood Sugar) level going up. Currently, my FBS is 105, the normal is up to 120. I am starting to get alarmed because diabetes runs in our blood.

Tell Me:
I have such a sweet tooth. Can you show me something sweet to eat?


This was taken last July, when my sister and I attended the Italianni's blog event. After the very heavy lunch, they presented us with plates of oh-so yummy desserts. The one in front is their dessert sampler (three desserts in one plate - I wasn't able to capture the other one), the one in the middle is ice cream pudding, and the two-toned one is the ice cream cake for the birthday celebrant, I just forgot who owned this one - Fran or Azrael. I got to taste all desserts, and my favorite is the one in the middle.

*** Jenn ***

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