Tuesday, January 13, 2009

From My Kitchen: Hotdog Pizza

Hotdog Pizza

From here on out every Tuesday, I will post pictures about foods that I cooked. I feel my food blog is very bare and it doesn't really serve the purpose if I don't put on the foods I cooked, too. Taking a cue from the title of the blog, "I live to eat," and if one is a happy eater, he / she must know how to cook, too.

But my first post doesn't really require good cooking skills as this is just one of the easiest foods to cook - way easier than frying cold cuts or eggs. This is my simple hotdog pizza, which I am fond of eating for snacks (which doubles as my dinner at times) provided all the ingredients are available.

So how easy is this? No need to create a pizza dough, and no need to go out to buy pizza crust either, all I did was get some slices of the typical loaf bread, lightly spread it with butter, then spread a thin layer of spaghetti sauce (I used Clara Ole three cheese sauce), top it with sliced hotdog, onion rings, and quick melt cheese. If I am lucky, sometimes I put in some pineapple tidbits, and it would be complete. We don't have an oven, but we do have oven toaster, which is enough for this one. I love the taste of slightly burnt bread, so I set the toaster the number 3. After a few minutes, it's chow time!

Aside from hotdog, I sometimes use bacon and pepperoni - if it's available.

*** Jenn ***


Jescel said...

this looks good.. totally pinoy style (pizza with hotdogs). sometimes, we use french bread. it's really good with pizza.

Anonymous said...

Really? Hmmm.. I will try it next time.

Angie R said...

Your food blog can easily destroy my dieting plan....you're dangerous!

foodiejenn said...

Awww.. not really. =D

maiylah said...

hmmm ...would chorizo be good with this, too? :)
yummy shot, Jenn!

foodiejenn said...

Hi Maiylah! I still haven't tried chorizo. Hmmm, masarap nga kaya yun?

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