Thursday, January 22, 2009

Food Choices #6


1. Do you snack? On what times? What do you snack on?
>>> I usually snack between 3 and 5PM, and if it's not sandwich I am eating, it's usually corn chips.

2. Healthy or Junk foods?
>>> Because junk foods are readily available, I would say I am leaning towards junk foods, but I sure want to eat healthy foods as well.

3. I tend to snack on sugar-loaded drinks – do you? If so what?
>>> Here's the thing. If brother's here, that's the time I get to drink lots of softdrinks, but if he's in La Union, I just drink water. I really am not the type of person who would open my wallet to buy sodas.

4. Do you take coffee in the afternoon?
>>> If I am eating spaghetti during lunch, I usually fix myself a cup of coffee.

5. What do you munch on all the time?
>>> Corn chips!

Fear Factor:
Are you willing to cook for snacks/merienda? Why or why not?
>>> Of course! That would be great.

Tell Me:
Give me one snack you can eat everyday for the rest of your life.

Lapid's Chicharon

I am such a chicharon addict, and if there's one finger food/snack I would want to eat, this would be it, but I won't. Actually, the last chicharon I ate was last October. Although this is my favorite, I am now trying hard to control it because I don't want to die young. =)

*** Jenn ***


u8mypinkc00kies♥ said...

Give me one snack you can eat everyday for the rest of your life?

its definitely popcorn (sweet & salty/ kettle corn ones) OR peanut butter sandwich!!

Anonymous said...

well said my dear chicharon contains lot's of cholesterol .

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