Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stuffed Tomato

stuffed tomato

This week's theme for LaPiS is "stuffed." Because our PC has been recently formatted, and I was away for nearly two weeks, I still haven't transferred all of the files from the CD back into the computer, so the very first thing that came to mind for this week was this stuffed tomato.

Yeah it's not well captured, it's a little bit blurred, but I hope this will do. I don't know if I have any "stuffed" photo in my files, if I have the chance to find something, I will just replace this image.

Anyway, this one was taken last August, during the QC Na! Kulinarya, Talento, atbp. event held in Gateway Mall, Araneta Center. The first event for the second day was the Market Basket (Professional Category), and this was one of the dishes presented. All participants are required to use ricotta cheese in their dishes, and I think this one was cooked by the Bagoong Club (an up and coming restaurants in the Metro).

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iska said...

looks YUM!

MAC said...

You can take any cookbook, go to veggies and find very few. I'm always looking for good veggie recipes for my next cookbook and this one looks great.

julie said...

That one looks good, tomato and cheese :)

My LaPiS:
Grilled Stuffed Squid

luna miranda said...

this looks delicious. i'm a tomato fan...and it would be perfect for vegetarian guests, too!

spiCes said...

wow! i miss making this and eating as well:)

Pinky said...

Hmmm...tomato with cheese is always a winner with me - sarap! :)

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