Friday, November 28, 2008

Shrimp Gambaretti

Inspired by my brother's street food series, I decided to do my own food series for my Food Friday entries. I am not doing street foods - well, not until he is done with it, but from here until I shared it all, I will show pictures of foods from my recent 10-day holiday with my friend K.

Shrimp Gambaretti

K decided to have a late dinner on our first day of holiday. I already had the microwave penne dish from 7-11 a few hours ago, so I just accompanied my friend to the dining area of Las Palmas Resort in Malate, Manila where we stayed at. K chose this dish - shrimp gambaretti because the menu said, "the hottiest shrimps in town." or something to that effect. The word "Hottiest" was what got K interested about it, and sarcastic as we may seem, we were laughing all throughout the meal.

I had a taste of the dish, and it was indeed hot, or I should say, "hottiest." It didn't burn my tongue, but it did make my throat itch and a little irritated. Nevertheless, it was a great tasting dish, perfect with rice!

*** Jenn ***


maiylah said...

sure looks good. made your throat itch? hmmm ... wonder why. hope the shrimps were fresh! ;P

appreciate your playing this week, Jenn!
happy ff

♥peachkins♥ said...

looks good..yung seafood ramen sa may food court sa Trinoma ganun din ang effect sa akin....hmmnn I wonder why?

Liza said...

that looks really good! kaya lang me time talaga na tatamaan ka ng allergy, ganyan din ang son ko. ;)

happy ff!

Mommy's Little Corner

mirage2g said...

We are a family of shrimphead, except older son, mejo maselan nga sha sa shrimp pero sgurado hit ito sa min, sana nga fresh ano. ingat ka jan!

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