Sunday, November 2, 2008


My brother and I pretty much had the same entry for "Halloween" last week, so I decided not to post it anymore. Actually, I took a shot of the pumpkin candy buckets first and just told him I already had my entry, but I didn't realize that he would also post the picture of the same pumpkin buckets even though he bought a different bucket of candies. Oh well... now that he's already back in La Union, for sure there will be no conflicts with the entries anymore.

On to this week's theme. It's a spicy weekend, and here's my entry:

Fish Crackers

Another boo-boo for me... I completely lost track of time and I wasn't able to transfer my hot-sauce laden tacos that I ate for lunch yesterday, so it's back to digging up my files for an entry. Of all the food pictures I have checked, this was the first spicy food I've seen. It's basically not a "food" though, but more likely a vinegar dip - pardon if I wasn't really that precise with my entry this week.

Anyway, this was my lunch when we went to the beach house in Bolinao, Pangasinan last July. Well, they're cooking octopus and grilled mussels that time, but I didn't want to eat half-cooked mussels and hard to digest octopus that time, so I just went with this food. There was no prepared spicy vinegar dip, so I created my own by mashing the chili on the vinegar then added some salt. I am not always into spicy foods, but I do like them spicy at times. I must've gotten it from my late father, as long as there's a spicy vinegar dip with bagoong or as plain as the spicy vinegar, every meal is a feast! Of course, I eat lots of veggies to make sure my digestive system is okay.

I would like to take the time to say that I will be offline for ten days starting today. This afternoon I will be meeting up with my friend K and we will embark on a holiday that comprises of trips to Vigan (Ilocos Sur), Bohol, and Dumaguete (where the ex bf will be the tour guide / driver). I will be back on the 12th, and while I am gone, my sister might be the one to update the blogs, but I will also try to get online if I see an Internet cafe at my current location.

See you all when I get back. If it's not much to ask, please say a little prayer for us - may this holiday be a safe one for us. Thanks.

*** Jenn ***


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...perfect combination! :)

Enjoy your holiday and have a safe trip!

mirage2g said...

I never learned liking vinegar for dip :D I admire those who do hehe.

♥peachkins♥ said...

Gusto ko tong entry mo jenn..Fish crackers!

Anyways..ingats on your trip..pasalubong huh?

Mine's here and here

Happy La.Pi.S!

Maver said...

i like my fish crackers, strangely, with catsup! hehehe!

have a safe trip. enjoy vigan!

my lapis post here:

Munchkin Mommy said...

i like vinegar with a little salt for dipping. better if there's sili if it's available. kaya lang my hubby doesn't like vinegar. hmp! :D

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