Thursday, November 20, 2008

5 for Wednesday - 112008

1. Were there any cooking disasters at your Christmas meal last year?
>>> Yes. I planned to cook Calamares, but we cannot find any squid! Well, we found this oh so big one, but it's way too expensive! Then, my sister wanted to cook Bangus Kare-Kare, but the kare-kare mix she used was way too bad. For something with a good label, we can't believe it would be like that, it was so bad!

2. Do you think you get drunker, drinking from a straw?
>>> I don't think I got what a drunker is.

3. Do you save the packets of condiments that come with take out food for later use?
>>> Yes, especially the ketchup for the French Fries. It's very handy especially when we need to pack ketchup for our baon.

4. How do you like your steak cooked when you go out to eat?
>>> Honestly, I still haven't had a steak.

5. You are a baker and one of your customers is getting fat on your food, what do you do?
>>> Tell them eating my cakes is a very good reason to exercise the next morning. =)

*** Jenn ***

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Jenn, the Foodie

I come from a family who loves cooking and eating. I never had any formal training in cooking and that I taught myself how to cook based on the handed down recipes, but I could say that I can cook good food. In 2008, I started documenting my food trips for my travel blog, and since I have quite enough to start a food blog, might as well put all those food trips in one location. Thus, a food blog is born - thanks to the new Friendster Blogs. However, due to several problems, I was left with no choice but to pack bags again and move here instead. Here's the permanent address, promise! Enough talk, let the food trippin' begin! {Know More About Me}