Friday, November 14, 2008

BBQ Baby Back Ribs

When I went to La Union last week of October, I said to myself that I will have to eat at Midtown Restaurant in the city of San Fernando, because when I was about 19 years old (1999), Aunt Julie treated me for some snacks there and that time (I don't know why), I told my aunt I find the owner very handsome. Since then whenever we would go there, my eyes would roam around the place to see the owner because I had a crush on him. Fast forward to 2004, when my brother started working in La Union, it was him and Aunt who would go to the restaurant and one time, when aunt saw the owner, she told my brother I had a crush on him. Oh well...

Now that I am a blogger and is now an owner of a food blog, it won't be complete if I don't do a blog entry about this restaurant, and last October was the perfect timing to do that. I have tasted quite a lot of dishes from this establishment, so I went with something new:

Baby Back Ribs

Barbecued Baby Back Ribs. First time for me to taste such dish, and this one actually tasted good. The sauce was a little bit sweet for my taste, but the very juicy and tender meat of the ribs was so delicious. For only 145 pesos, I'd say it's very right for the budget. Paired with oh-so-cold sago't gulaman, it was a great lunch, indeed.

*** Jenn ***


Z'riz said...

Aww anything barbecued is sure to be good...and baby back ribs! aahhhhh

Josephine said...

so yummmy tlga pag baby back ribs.

maiylah said...

bbq baby back ribs ... heavenly!!! ganda ng shot, Jenn! nakakagutom talaga! :)

appreciate your playing again, Jenn!
happy weekend

Liza said...

mmmmm, mukhang napakasarap. ako rin kahit anung bbq, lalo na pag baby back ribs. panalo!

happy ff!

Mommy's Little Corner

spiCes said...

we had ribs over the weekend but it didn't look this good!

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