Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A New Magazine, a Quote, and a Query

Yesterday, I received the third of the six Yummy Magazines I won from a contest. I was really happy to receive it because it was a bit late. Then again, it was worth it, because...

Yummy Mag, Oct 2010

... my Facebook comment made it in print. It was really unexpected - I just wrote the message as my "thank you" for receiving the other magazine. Anyway, a quick update on the message - I did cook the adobo recipes, but I only cooked three because the other three were difficult for me to do.

Cooking dishes based on the recipes printed in the magazines really allowed me to explore more in the kitchen. I remember, before I took on this personal project, my lunch would revolve in three dishes: the basic chicken adobo, spaghetti carbonara, and any fried food. Now, not only was I able to grow as a cook, I was also able to learn the bits and pieces of plating food, photographing it, and presenting it in my blog. I am still hoping to learn how to bake (we don't have oven, sadly), but for now, I am happy to just plan my lunch and cook.

Right now, I have a pile of Yummy Magazine, FOOD Magazine and Foodie Magazine to flip. I have browsed some of it, even listed the dishes I hope to cook. This week has already been planned, so for next week, I am attempting to try at least 2 desserts, just to widen the horizon.

Sharing a quote I picked up from one of the magazines:

"If you're not capable of cooking intricate dishes, then don't cook. Cook dishes that are simple. Don't cook things that are beyond your realm because in the end, it's probably not going to turn out to be successful. Know who you are and what you want. Once you figure these things out, just do them really well and your kitchen at home will be great."
- Guy Rubino, host of "Dining Out" on Discovery Travel and Living

Sorry, I wasn't able to copy where I got this (I wrote the quote on my notebook). I just thought I'd share it because this piece of advice came out at the right time because I was stressing over this Guyabano Marinated Chicken that I wanted to cook. It was an easy dish, but it required baking. I guess I have to drop the baking dream for a while and focus more on cooking stove top dishes so I won't be at a standstill.

There's something running in my head, though...

When it comes to dining out, I have two blogs where I could share the story - here and on my Travel Blog. The thing is, I only share a picture or two of the food trip pictures through the Food Trip Friday meme (which I post every Thursdays). The full article about the restaurant however, is shared in my travel blog. Question is... should I move the full restaurant review here, or let it stay in the travel blog? If you happen to read this, please do tell me of your opinion. I would appreciate it a lot. Big thanks!

*** Jenn ***

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