Thursday, October 21, 2010

Italian Eating at the Food Court

SM Fairview Food Court
Regalado cor. Quirino Highway, Quezon City
13 February 2010

SM Fairview Food Court

There were times that mom and I would do grocery shopping without bro and/or sis, so times like that, we usually just go eat anywhere. On this day, mom wanted to taste Greenwich's new pasta line (they said they improved the recipe), and since we didn't want to carry the bags to the upper ground floor just to eat, we decided to push the cart to the food court and just eat there.

Pizza and Pasta

Mom wanted to eat the lasagna, and since they just released a TVC about this newly improved pasta, I ought to give it a taste, too. I went for the bigger plates, and also ordered a slice of their pepperoni overload pizza, since this would be a chance for me to taste it.

At first my mom was surprised that their lasagna was more or less 150 pesos, at one point she just hoped we ate at either TOSH (The Old Spaghetti House) or at Chef d'Angelo. However, when our number was called out and I brought in the food, she figured the price was just alright. I guess she was thinking it was as small as the old lasagna Greenwich used to serve.

The lasagna (large - p139) was really much, much better than the old one. I loved that they drown the pasta with bechamel sauce - I love the play of flavors between the white and red sauce. It was meatier, and tastier, too.

The pizza (slice of pepperoni overload) was okay, too, but the crust was already a bit tough. I guess the pizza has been sitting there for quite sometime and they just reheated it. Good thing I only ordered one (mom and I shared the slice), because it wasn't as good (and as fresh) as I hoped it would be.

Mom and I really enjoyed the pasta, but the serving was quite big, I guess if we are to eat there again, we will just go for the smaller version, which was around 80-90 pesos only. :)

*** Jenn ***

ps - this food trip was done in February, but the picture of the store was taken just last Tuesday. Please don't confuse the date with the new menu on the store - while checking my files, I saw the food pictures, and since I wasn't able to take a picture of the store back then, I took one when my sister went to the mall last Tuesday.

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