Friday, October 15, 2010

Fely's Homemade Baked Goodies

I lost track a bit... I was supposed to share kuya's pasalubong from Cagayan de Oro, but my mind seemed to be thinking of a lot of things that I shared a different image last week here on Food Friday. Now that all was settled, let me get back on track. :)

This week, it's all about Fely's Homemade products.

From what I have read, Ms. Felicia Neri-Sinco would just prepare baked goodies for her family. From there they ventured into business, converting part of their house to become a store. All the products were made at their own kitchen, and now they distribute the products to different supermarkets and canteens.

Some of the products brother took home were:


Pastelitos de Oro. This bite-size pastry tasted a bit like uraro, but what made it delicious were the ground cashew nuts. I also loved that it wasn't too sweet, just right for some snacking or something to pair up with a hot cup of coffee after meal.

Baked Peanuts

Baked Peanuts. Big white peanuts in different flavors. Aside from the obvious flavors, the ones in the saucer were the chili-garlic peanuts. My thinking was that these peanuts were coated with the powdered flavoring (similar to the ones used in popcorn and flavored fries), then baked. It was actually delicious, and my favorite flavor would have to be the sour cream 'n onion.

Cheese Sticks

Cheese Sticks. Their shop started with this pastry, and they were the first one to sell this product. I could compare it to the brownies when it comes to consistency (chewy and rich). Compared to the cheese sticks made by Vjandep (which was a lot more expensive), this one had the right sweetness, but it wasn't as rich as Vjandep made it.

Brother took home two more cheese stick varieties - Ube Cheese Sticks and Macaroon Cheese Sticks. The ube looked like a layer of ube jam sandwiched between two thin layers of cheese sticks, while the macaroon one obviously had dessicated coconuts. I took a picture of both variants, but it's missing in my files, and now that I have reformatted all my camera's memory sticks, I don't have a picture to share (huhu). Anyway, if I were to choose between the three cheese stick varieties, I would go with the macaroon. It was so delicious, but slightly sweeter compared the original flavor. All cheese sticks products had a shelf life of two months.

Based on the articles I have read about the bakeshop, they now offer the biscotti, which is something I'd definitely ask brother to bring home when he travels back to Cagayan de Oro.

*** Jenn ***

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