Tuesday, October 12, 2010

From Masarap to Delicioso

I have always loved watching cooking shows. If before, I watch it just to wow myself with great dishes, I now watch it to learn something from it. From the time Chef Jackie Ang-Po started helping Heny Sison in "A Taste of Life," to "True Confections," she has been one of my favorite local chefs. Actually, it's one of my life dreams to meet her in person and eat something she cooked. I just loved the way she prepares food and the way she imparts knowledge to the viewers of the show. "True Confections" is now replaced with a new show:

{Image taken from WMN.ph}

...still on the same time slot - Sundays 6:45pm on QTV 11. Chef Aileen Anastacio is no longer in the program, and in this show, they not only prepare desserts, they mostly prepare savory dishes that would suit different occasions. I love the show, Chef Jackie and Sam Oh (who is now a good cook in my opinion) makes it look as if cooking was something really easy to do. As Sam would put it, "If I can cook this, you can, too."

Anyway, I still haven't tried any of the dishes they made, basically because some ingredients were a bit on a high end (on my part), or some requires baking which is something I cannot do (as we don't have an oven). Still, I watch it because I know sooner or later, they will prepare something I would really love to try. If there's one thing I don't like in the show, it would have to be the split-screens while they do some of the procedures - it tends to make viewers wondering which screen to watch.

By the end of each episodes, there will be some guests sampling the foods. How I wish they would have a food bloggers' episode, and how I wish I will be invited to sample the foods. :) Wishful thinking.

*** Jenn ***

ps - me hoping to taste Chef Jackie's foods led me to think of visiting her bakeshop "Fleur de Lys Pattiserie" in Tomas Morato. Who wants to come with me? KKB ha? :)

ps2 - the two pictures of the show I took while watching it. Sorry if it's not perfect rectangle; quite difficult to take pictures of images from the television.

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