Monday, August 30, 2010

Thanks for the Trust, Mom!

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Yesterday, mom was a bit surprised to receive a call from our neighbor saying that there will be a pot luck lunch party in celebration of the opening of the Senior Citizen's office here in our neighborhood. Though surprised, mom was actually prepared for it, because she did some food shopping in the market for her pot luck dish "later tonight." She decided to buy more pork and asked for some pig's blood because she wanted us to eat dinuguan for lunch. Since there were quite a lot of pork and blood, she just decided to cook dinuguan as her pot luck dish.

Normally, whenever mom would bring some dishes at a party or if there any celebration here in the house, she would prefer to cook the dishes herself - probably because she knows she cook good food and that she doesn't want to hear any complains from the people who will eat her food, or that if the dishes were good, she would take all the glory. I for one, don't really meddle with my mom when she cooks, although she has come to love my cooking as time passed, I still want her to do her thing... after all, it was just in these occasions that she really cooks. During normal days, it's either brother or I who does the cooking at home.

My mom sliced all the ingredients, prepared the blood through her liking, did the initial sauteeing, but gave the ladle to me to finish the dish. She left it to me how to season it, although she gave me some specific instructions on how she wants it done. I have cooked dinuguan twice or thrice in my life, and personally, I wanted it a little saucy. My mom prefers it quite dry. In the end, I got how she wanted it, and I am happy.

This was one of the rare moments that mom handed me the ladle to prepare a dish that will be eaten by other people. As her daughter, this was one of the rare moments that made me feel I was special. Thanks mom!

*** Jenn ***

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wenn said...

wow, that's nice!

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