Friday, August 13, 2010


Pork and Veggies

I am now trying to lose weight, so at times I would just eat my full meal during lunch, and eat oatmeal (mixed with either cereal drink or yogurt) for breakfast and dinner. One time last week, brother cooked Bistek - but instead of using beef, he used pork, and instead of frying the meat before adding the marinade to become the sauce, he just boiled the meat and the marinade. Still, it tasted good.

Brother also cooked the remaining vegetables in some soy sauce and sesame oil (a la Bibimbap) just because he felt the veggies might not be as good anymore if we still let them inside the fridge. I had a delicious lunch that day, thanks to my brother.

I still struggle with my food intake, sometimes I eat good, sometimes I give in to temptation. Then again, I am happy that my body has already adjusted to the 1 cup of rice per meal. I used to be a rice lover, so getting myself used to just 1 cup, it was a sweet victory for me, to say the least.

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maiylah said...

that's soul food for me. :)
tasty and healthy! congratulations on taking that step (limiting your rice intake) towards a healthier you! kayang-kaya mo yan, Jenn

enjoy your weekend!

Luna Miranda said...

i have friends who swear camote is a great rice substitute. i would probably try it as i can only take oatmeal once or twice a week. good luck!

Certified Foodies said...

Aww. Same here, sis! I can't go a day without rice. So, we are now forcing ourselves to 1 cup of rice per meal, too. We're also adjusting pretty well.

Good luck with your quest to lose weight. I hope we'll both be successful. :)

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sǝıʞooɔʞuıdʎɯ8n said...

yummy :) i like bistek too.

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