Friday, May 17, 2013

Birthday Dinner at Shakey's

I celebrated my birthday at the start of this week. It is a tradition for the family to eat out whenever someone is celebrating his/her birthday, but because we just ate out for Mothers Day, we were sort of uncertain if we would go out on my birthday. I told my sister I wanted to eat at Shakey's, but it was just a spur-of-the-moment craving. When my sister asked my brother if he still would like to eat out, brother said he wanted to eat at Shakey's. My brother and I might be having the same wavelength that time (he wasn't around when I told my sister my craving), so told mom we will eat dinner at Shakey's.

There are two Shakey's branches near our place. We wanted to eat at the nearest one, but because it was already dinnertime, it might be difficult catching a ride home from there, so we went to SM Fairview instead. Brother was very eager to go for their Monster Deal Meal, which is good for 12 people (gosh, we were just 4 in the family). Well, I guess I was okay with that... we could always take home the food we weren't able to eat. However, it was quite expensive, so we chose a different set meal instead.

Brother chose the Meal B, and we had...

Pasta Carbonara

Pasta Platter with Garlic Bread.
We had the choice if we wanted to go with the Tomato Sauce or the Carbonara, and because the meal included a pizza, I decided to go with the Carbonara. I found it really good. The sauce tasted great and the ham and mushroom gave it more flavor. It didn't have cheese, but it didn't matter anymore.

Chicken and Mojos

Fried Chicken and Mojos.
It contained 5 pieces of chicken and some slices of the ever famous Mojo potatoes. I loved that there wasn't that much breading yet it was crispy and juicy on the inside, but it was slightly salty as well. As for the mojos, I don't know if it was because it's been years since I last ate the mojos (or that I am quite used to the KFC fries), but it didn't tasted like the one I had in memory.

Manager's Choice Pizza

Manager's Choice Pizza.
This we decided to take home because we were already full. Well, I am not into thin crust pizza, but I do love pizza with onion and bell peppers, so of course I loved this one.

Houseblend Iced Tea

House Blend Iced Tea.
Completing the meal was a pitcher of their House Blend Iced Tea. Surely tasted different from the typical iced tea, and it was so good!

Seafood Platter

Captain's Choice.
My sister really loves the Mojos and hoped to order more, but when she saw Captain's Choice on the menu, she decided to go for it instead. Well, it tasted typical - breaded fish and calamari... nothing really exceptional, but it tasted good.

We didn't go for desserts anymore. Brother gifted me with a tub of ice cream earlier that day, so we already had desserts waiting at home.

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