Monday, May 6, 2013

Max's Crispy Pata TakeOut Treat

Fondest memory I had of eating Crispy Pata was when my friend Jobi and I went to another friend - Liza's house on Christmas Day. She served us one whole Crispy Pata, and because we were very much busy talking while eating (and maybe because both of them were pregnant at that time), we didn't realize that we've already finished eating one whole pig's leg! This story will be something I won't forget (for the obvious funny and embarrassing reasons), but one thing's for sure: I do love eating greasy, fatty food.

I have wanted to cook this one at home even for just one time, but it was easier said than done. Imagine - boiling the pig's leg, hang it to dry, then deep fry it - not only did I consume lots of time, I would also consume lots of oil. Buying one is definitely much better than cooking it, but one thing that made the family brush off the idea of buying Crispy Pata was its price.

Max's Restaurant Crispy Pata Takeout Treat

Thankfully this month of May 2013, Max's Restaurant is offering the Crispy Pata takeout treat for only p449, saving foodies p119 from its usual price. It also comes with a 1.5L bottle of Pepsi, making it a very good takeout treat... just don't forget to tell folks at home to cook lots of rice. :)

This Max's Restaurant Crispy Pata can feed 4-5 people, and even if some parts of the skin wasn't crispy anymore (we live about 15 minutes away from the nearest Max's Restaurant branch and mom & I stayed at mall for a little more time), I loved that the meat was tender and the seasoning was just right (not too bland, but not too salty either).

This promo runs until the end of May, so if you feel like eating Crispy Pata but don't have the time to cook it and would like to save a few bucks, you may avail of the Max's Crispy Pata Takeout Treat in any of the Max's Restaurant branches nationwide.

More more information about this treat and to keep updated, please check out Max's Restaurant website - - or like their Facebook page -

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