Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yummy Magazine July 2012

Ten more days left before the month ends, but I would just like to share to you guys the magazine I am reading just now -

Yummy Mag - July 2012

Yummy Magazine July 2012 issue. I do appreciate every food and dining magazines available - both locally and internationally published - but Yummy Magazine has got to be the one that I always read. I look forward to its different recipes and features. Another knowledge-filled issue, I must say.

Yummy Mag - July 2012 Yummy Mag - July 2012 Yummy Mag - July 2012

Of course, I won't share away all the details about the magazine, but here are some interesting things to look forward to for this issue.
  • Easy dishes to prepare. The theme of this issue centers on stress-free cooking, and I really think almost all of the recipes are indeed easy to prepare.
  • Creative way of preventing watery drinks at your party - Flavored Ice Cubes!
  • Quick-fire recipes. Yes, I did say almost all recipes are very easy to whip up, but the magazine has devoted a segment featuring recipes you can cook in under an hour.
  • Eggs! Recipes featuring eggs... and I am so looking forward in cooking that Fish Cakes with Poached Eggs.
  • Tips and tricks from chefs, bakers, food experts, and Yummy Magazine staff. Wanna know the secret  how to make a killer Kare-Kare or how to tend herbs at home? 

Yummy Mag - July 2012

Another thing featured at the magazine was about their iPad App called "Yummy Filipino Recipes".

Released two weeks ago, Summit Media’s Yummy Filipino Recipes app skyrocketed to the top of the App Store charts, peaking at number two under the ‘Top Paid iPad Apps’ category and maintaining its week-long position at the top 10 of the charts. It joins App Store luminaries such as Temple Run, Where’s My Perry?, Plants vs. Zombies HD and Apple apps such as Keynote and Pages.

Thanks to its engaging layout and nifty interactive features coupled with the mouthwatering list of 101 recipes spanning five major food categories, customers have given the app a perfect score of five stars, with user Orlan saying “It’s worth the price! Lots of local recipes to choose from. Nice presentation and good layout.” Another buyer of the app, Izhiang also gave the app five stars and commented “Been waiting for this app!”

Designed to make learning new Filipino recipes and making them your own engaging and fun, the Yummy Filipino Recipes app sure looks like it is hitting the spot! The full version of the app is now available at the iTunes App Store for the retail price of US $3.99. The App Store link can be found at:

For more information about Yummy’s upcoming series of apps, visit

Yummy Mag - July 2012

On a personal side note... what I love about culinary magazines aside from the recipes and the lessons are the newest products I could try. One that got me so interested is this - Korean flavored fried chicken mix! I still haven't seen this in the nearby supermarket, but hopefully soon, I can use this to jazz up my fried chicken.

This issue of Yummy Magazine is available at bookstores, magazine stores, and newsstands nationwide. Go grab your copy, you'll love it for sure! To get more YUMMY news, you can check their website at or follow them at Twitter - or like their Facebook page -

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