Sunday, July 22, 2012

Max's Restaurant Merienda Mixes

During the time when there were very few food places near our place, our family would always celebrate family events at Max's Restaurant. I admit the family would often go there to eat either lunch or dinner, but not once did we eat snacks there.

If you're just like me who always visit Max's Restaurant to eat lunch and/or dinner, here's one reason for you to eat your snacks there, too. Introducing the Create Your Own Merienda Mix, where you can choose what mix you want to have!

Max's Corner Bakery

First, choose your Max's Corner Bakery treat. It can be Ensaymada, Cheese Roll or 1/4 Cake Roll (choose between Chocolate, Mocha, Ube, Jelly, Ube, or Mango flavor)...

Max's Restaurant Pancit Canton Max's Restaurant Champorado Max's Restaurant Pancit Luglog

Pair it with your choice of Main Merienda - Pancit Canton, Champorado, or Pancit Luglog...

Max's Restaurant Merienda Mix Drinks

Then finish it with your choice of drink - Pepsi, Brewed Coffee or Sago't Gulaman.

The price? 95 pesos. Believe it. :)

So many ways to mix and match that would fit one's satisfaction! During the launch of the promo, food were served ala buffet, so we can just have whatever we want, but bloggers at our table asked for a little plate and bowl of each main merienda so we can present the Merienda Mixes like these:

Pancit Canton Merienda Mix

Pancit Canton was cooked so good! It wasn't saucy, but not too dry either. It had quite a lot of liver slices, but it was okay... it had some chicken cuts, dimsum balls and shrimps for me to eat (I don't eat liver, that's why).

The ensaymada, it was so soft and fluffy, delicious!

The Sago't Gulaman, I loved that it had a lot of sago and gulaman, but it was a little too sweet for my liking.

Champorado Merienda Mix

Champorado was really good! I loved the consistency and how the rice are oh-so-soft! Actually, this tasted like they used melted chocolate (like Toblerone), which made me love it more.

Pancit Luglog Merienda Mix

When it comes to Pancit Palabok or Pancit Luglog, I always go for the thick noodles. This was the very first time to try their Pancit Luglog and I was so pleased with it. Thick noodles, flavorful sauce, shrimps, egg slices, spring onions and chicharon powder. Awesome!

As for the Chocolate Roll, it tasted like the typical cake roll, minus the frosting outside the cake.

By the way, the main merienda you will get should you order the Merienda Mix will be much more than the ones in the pictures I have. Like I said, the food at the event were served ala buffet, so these pictures are just for presentation.

The Max's Restaurant Create Your Own Merienda Mix is available at all Max's Restaurants from 2 to 6 pm. It's valid for dine-in, take-out, and delivery transactions. You can also order deliveries online, but it cannot be combined with any other promos and discounts. This promo runs until 16 September 2012... but another good thing that comes with it is that for every purchase of the Merienda Mix, you stand a chance to win a trip to the US to visit the Max's Restaurant branch in San Jose, California as well as watch a concert. So keep your receipts and head on to Max's Restaurant Website or for more details.


Alwin Aguirre said...

I love them all! Kaya lang parang nakakahiya magpunta ng solo unlike other fastfood chains

Dems said...

Last time I ate at Max's was around May 2012. I'll try this with my VG girls ♥

Ron said...

They really serve good food. One of the best!

Allen Michael Gurrea said...

Aww I missed this due to the strong rains :(

Would have wanted to try them all lol :D

Perfectly Blended said...

I love the bakery treat. Yum!

raya said...

love, love, love the food you've mentioned in your post!! so drooling right now. Here for last weeek's YS.. hope you could return the visit!

i♥pinkc00kies said...

sounds sulit!

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