Monday, July 16, 2012

Snacks After a Shopping Spree

My weekend started a little bad - not being able to go to the sale at SM North EDSA, but Saturday, moods started to change for the better, and even if I wasn't able to check out the sale because of many personal reasons, I was still able to shop that afternoon with my mom and sis, and I was able to find a pair of DKNY Jeans, making me cross off an item on my bucket list (ever since college I dreamt of wearing/using DKNY products).

After that short shopping spree, we went to eat some snacks. We decided to just eat at Jollibee - mainly because it was raining hard and Jollibee was the nearest food place. I was still not hungry as I ate quite a lot for lunch, so I told them I'd just go for the usual favorite..

Jollibee Hotdog

Jolly Hotdog! Of all the sandwiches Jollibee has to offer, this has got to be my favorite.

Jollibe Cris-Cut Fries

Normally, the Jolly Hotdog value meal comes with regular fries, but I asked if I could upgrade it to the Cris-Cut Fries just so I could taste it. They allowed me to go for it and I chose the cheese flavor. Well, it wasn't that crunchy compared to the fries, and it seemed to have a lot of cheese powder so overall I found it a very salty snack. Well, it was good, I guess, maybe the one who prepared this put in quite a lot of cheese powder.

Jollibee Iced Coffee Float

My mom and my sister both had the Champ, which I wasn't able to photograph, but instead of having the regular drink, sister went for the Iced Coffee Float. I took a sip and it had the right blend that I prefer in a coffee - it was creamy, it was sweet, and it had the bitter taste of the coffee. I wasn't able to blend in the sundae, but it was okay, I think this drink is something I might go for next time.

It was my last meal for the day - I told them I won't eat dinner anymore and I didn't. Halfway through the month and I am still struggling with my weight loss journey. Ugh, I really need to pick myself up and finish what I started.

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