Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ABC Wednesday | Y and Z

Whenever I eat out and/or try new products, I always take a few minutes to take a picture of it so I can use it for blog memes and well yes, for blogging in general. Problem was, whenever I take a picture and say, "This is good for this meme," I often times forget to list it down for easy browsing when I needed them. I was supposed to share Yakult last week, but I couldn't find the folder (even if I organize pictures by year - month - day I still can't locate some specific pictures) where I placed it! Good thing, I was able to find a few pictures, so presenting Y and Z pictures...

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Y is for Yoplait Yogurt.

I received this as part of a goodie bag from a culinary event I attended. I don't eat yogurt that frequent, but every chance I have to eat something new, I really grab it. This one's a little tangier than my usual yogurt brand - maybe because of the berries, too, but it was quite good.


Z is for Zagu.

Zagu (I think) got it's name from "sago," which is the Filipino term for tapioca pearls. Early 2000s when Pearl Drinks became a boom and one brand I really love is Zagu. During my last year in college, I remember having a cup thrice a week trying out every new flavor they come up with. Unfortunately, I stopped buying it after college, but once in a while I still buy a cup for old time's sake. I am glad that even with the changing times - even if new food products come and go, there's still Zagu.

Oh wow... One round just capped off, and yay, I was able to post a picture for every letter on the alphabet!

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