Friday, July 6, 2012

Lunch, the Cafe d'Asie Way

Cafe d'Asie - the Bellevue Manila
Second Floor (The Main Wing)
North Bridgeway, Filinvest Corporate City
Alabang, Muntinlupa
+63 (02)771-8181 local 8020

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Sister and I were still quite full from the heavy breakfast we had at Cafe d'Asie, but around 11:30am, we already made our way to the cafe for our lunch because we needed to leave the hotel by 1pm just so my sister won't be late for work. We already knew how good the breakfast buffet was, and even if we knew we were in for a treat, we were still surprised at the food spread we had that day.

Appetizers Station

Appetizers Section. Quite a lot of mix for different types of people, and although I am not much into appetizers, I did take about three pieces of those prawns because I just can't resist it!

Salad Station

Salad Station. Some people do start their meal with salads, but not me. :) I did taste that rice salad (right side of the picture), and it was good!

Pasta Station

Pasta Station. That time, they offer three types of pasta (fettucine, fusili, and ziti) with three types of sauces (pesto, carbonara, and bolognese) - just tell the cook your choice of pasta and sauce, and they'll prepare it for you. I didn't go for pasta, but sister went for fusili carbonara.

Japanese Station
Salad and Japanese Station

Japanese Station. Something I was thankful for because I am starting to love sushi! I tasted three types of sushi and my favorite was the one with fish toppings. They also offer sashimi, but I don't eat raw meat. Sister tasted the salmon sashimi and she loved it! She said the fish was sweet and firm and just delicious.

Mongolian Station

Mongolian Station. I still haven't tasted Mongolian, but I skipped this because I thought it might be kinda heavy for the tummy.

Fresh Seafood Meats
Grilled Lamb with Mint Jelly

Meat Station. The meats aren't there for display - diners can actually ask the cook to cook it for them - their choice of dish. The fish can be cooked into sinigang or fried or grilled. I asked one cut of lamb to be grilled (medium well) and it was great. The mint jelly that came with it was a good compliment.

Tempura and Breaded Calamari

Tempura and Calamari. My heart skipped a bit when I saw this because tempura has been my biggest craving since then. If you want the freshest tempura and calamari, there's a cook on standby ready to fry these babies for you.

Roasted US Prime Rib

Roasted US Prime Rib. Probably the star of the buffet. This made our eyes go wide because we don't really see steaks being offered on a buffet (well, we didn't go to that much buffet, but I guess you get my point). There's a carver on standby to assist you - you can go as thin or as thick as you can, and I just asked for a thin slice just so I could taste it. There were three sauces available, and among the three it was the Peppercorn Sauce that I loved.

Goat Kaldereta

Filipino Station. They may offer International cuisine, but of course, they do have Filipino dishes as well. They had different dishes, but this Kalderetang Kambing caught my attention the most.

Pastry Station Pastry Station
Pastry Station Pastry Station
Chocolate Station

Desserts Station. They had a lot of bite-size cakes, tarts, and other kinds of pastries, but they also had chocolates, ice cream (Arce Dairy), and a little Halo-Halo station. I took three kinds of cakes and a small cup of ice cream. Delish!

Ripe Mango Shake Watermelon Shake

Our Drinks. Sister had ripe mango shake, I had Watermelon shake. Both tasted good and both are so refreshing! Aside from the fruit shakes, they also offer fruit juices, coffee, and tea.

Had we had more time, we probably stayed longer and ate more, but because we were pressed for time, we just made sure that what we ate where the ones we really wanted to eat. Big thanks to the Bellevue Manila for this awesome food trip. Our stay at the hotel was something we will never forget.

When was the last time you went for a buffet-style dining?

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