Friday, December 10, 2010

My Pasalubong From Baguio

Mid November, I went on a holiday with my dear K and the first "out of town" place we visited was Baguio City. At first, I thought I won't be able to buy food products from Baguio because we were have quite a lot of days to go before I come home. On our last night in the city, I realized we have two days in Metro Manila before we go to our next out of town destination. I couldn't buy any pasalubong anymore because it was late at night, so I just bought some items at the shop in Victory Line terminal just to have something to give to my family.

Lengua de Gato

Rico's Lengua de Gato. One of the well known brands, Rico's lengua de gato was really good. Not too sweet and the pieces were arranged wonderfully in the container and it helped not to break up the pieces.

Choc O'Flakes

Mikasan's Choc O'Flakes. There are several products like this, but I prefer the one made by Mikasan because it uses corn flakes. A much better choice than the choc o'flakes that uses rice crispies. Eating this one is like eating Koko Crunch. Paired with a glass of warm milk, and it's just wonderful. Mikasan also has the Milk O'Flakes and a combination of the chocolate and milk, which are good products as well.

Peanut Brittle

Baguio Paradise's Peanut Brittle. One of the negative comments about Baguio's Peanut brittle is how they package the product. Consumers feel as if they've been ripped off by thinking as if the container is filled with peanut brittle yet opening the container, they would see it was hollow inside. A popular product to choose was the Romana peanut brittle, which uses whole peanuts and the containers are really filled inside. One time not too long ago, when I shopped for some pasalubong, a store owner let me taste Baguio Paradise's peanut brittle, and I did agree with her - this one tasted much better than Romana's. Since then, I would always get this one if I have the chance. I loved the caramel of this one, it tasted as if they added condensed milk or something.

Toasted Garlic Peanuts

Baguio Paradise's Toasted Garlic Peanuts. A new product I saw... this was just fine, it tasted like the Fely's Homemade peanut products brother brought home. One thing I loved was how big the peanuts are! :)

Just four products for my family... am happy that my sister came to the hotel to pick it up, and I am happy they left some for me to take pictures of when I got home. There are so many food products from Baguio... I will surely get some more when I travel back there.

*** Jenn ***

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