Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Attention Seeking Spaghetti


Of all the pastas available, the spaghetti is my favorite. I could eat it even without sauce (cheese and butter will be okay), and I could eat it everyday as long as it is cooked fresh. I do eat reheated spaghetti, too, but if it was reheated twice, I won't eat it anymore. I love to twirl my fork in securing the strands of spaghetti and at times when I am a bit lazy to twirl my fork, I really love the slurpy sounds when eating it. On kids, I just like how the sauce would cover their mouths - so cute! Yeah, I guess eating spaghetti required much attention.

This plate of spaghetti was my share after I cooked 500g. of spaghetti, which mom took to the neighborhood's Senior Citizens' Christmas party last Monday. She came home lunch time, told me she was just informed about the party and was thinking of not attending, but I told her to attend, because it would be a great time to mingle with the neighborhood people, and a great time to meet new friends, too. Thinking about it, she decided to go.

We have some pork left in the freezer, and because it was lunch time already and the market might not have any fresh meat to sell (or they might have closed the stall for lunch), I decided to just chop up the meat using our big knife. It was good, too, that we had some hotdogs left, otherwise I might open up the cans of Vienna sausage in the pantry. We only have the Filipino style spaghetti sauce, which mom bought knowing we might use it for Christmas day, and even if it wasn't my choice of spaghetti sauce (it was sweeter than the sweet style sauce), adding a dash of Italian seasoning did help balancing out the taste.

Mom came home with the bowl empty, which made me really, really happy; but it was the fact that she is now letting me cook the foods she will serve to other people made me happier. She may not be vocal about my cooking, but her trusting me to cook good food was something really priceless.

*** Jenn ***

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