Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's My Favorite, Too!

I love the cooking shows being shown on QTV 11, and one of the shows I love to watch is "My Favorite Recipes." First shown August of 2009, it featured different dishes cooked with Carnation Evap. At first I doubted if the show would last because there might not be enough dishes with milk, but surprise surprise, the show is still going, and I am loving it more and more.

First season featured Chef Aileen Anastacio as its host, but come second season, the now Chef China Cojuanco took over the show. I loved Chef Aileen's hosting, so not seeing her cook was really a big change. I admit I didn't like Chef China at first, but just like any host doing a new thing, she just needed some time to adjust. Come third season, I already liked Chef China, and I loved the show more when Chef Gino Gonzalez joined her in the show. Featuring two dishes for the timeslot, it was a great change.

There are so many great dishes being cooked in this show, but I only got to try one - the Blackened Chicken with Cream Spinach, a dish cooked in their second season. The rest of the dishes that captured my interest were written in my notebook so when I want to do something in my kitchen, I can easily choose which to cook.

Third season featured Asian dishes from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. I liked the season, but I felt they didn't show more of the Thailand side, something that made me sad because I am liking the Thailand cuisine since I tasted it.

Now on its fourth season, Chef Gino is co-hosting the show again, and this time they are featuring dishes, which you can serve this holiday season. I always try to watch it whenever I can because I still haven't made up my mind what to serve for Christmas.

"My Favorite Recipes" is shown several times daily at QTV 11, but I always watch the 11:30AM and 6:00PM.

*** Jenn ***

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