Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Bangus in a Box

Whenever we travel home from SM City Fairview, we would always see the Pixie's Sinugba stall, and in a few moments, we have tempted to check it out, but because a trip to the mall would always mean eating out, we couldn't find a reason to buy any of their products because we were already full. Still, our interest in it stayed.

Last week, sister went out for some "me time." She had a trip to the salon, and decided to take home one of Pixie's Sinugba bestsellers - the Inihaw na Boneless Bangus na Walang Kaliskis (Grilled Boneless/Scaleless Milkfish).

Pixie's Sinugba

There were four fish sizes - Bunso, Large, Extra Large, and Jumbo. Sister took the Jumbo one (P178). I had good first impressions of the product - very nicely packed; the bangus came in a box, giving support to its fragile meat. I also loved that aside from packing the fish in aluminum foil, there was also a sheet of plastic under - preventing any juice spills.

Of course, the true test to any food would be its taste, and I was happy that they didn't disappoint. It was really delicious! Normally, I don't like the relish inside the grilled fish, but when I tasted it, it was so great! The whole fish was cut butterfly style, with the spine removed and the relish spread inside the whole fish. It was also scaled, so the only worry foodies will have would be the actual eating. :)

It was actually funny - when we do the fish grilling at home, the family can only eat half of it, but when we ate this, it seemed not enough for us! It was that delicious! We only mumbled "We should eat this again" while eating it.

Sister said they also offer Inihaw na Rellenong Bangus (Grilled Stuffed Milkfish), Inihaw na Tinapang Bangus (Grilled Smoked Milkfish), and she would love to try it next time.

*** Jenn ***

ps - For those who don't know, "Sinugba" is the Cebuano term for "grill," or "to grill."

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