Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Flipping Through the Pages of FOOD

I was hoping to talk about the FOOD September issue, but since I now have the October issue, might as well do a 2-in-1 post. :)

FOOD Sep & Oct

In the 15 years that FOOD has been serving great recipes and articles, my brother has been a part of it - by collecting issue after issue. It was my favorite culinary magazine until Yummy Magazine came along. Yummy had more recipes into their magazines, and somehow FOOD took some changes, that also gave me a sudden change of heart. Back then, my concept of culinary magazines were about the recipes, so if the magazine didn't have that much recipes and food pictures, I wouldn't like it instantly.

So.. why the heck did I still buy FOOD Magazines? It's because somehow I have gotten matured enough to know that magazines are different from each other. One of the great changes FOOD Magazine had was their food tour column. I love how extensive their food tours are! Take for instance the Nueva Ecija tour on September issue (October issue focuses on Ormoc) - they were able to cover restaurants, carinderia, even the pasalubong! As a person who loves to travel and hopes to see all of the Philippines' provinces, articles like this one came in handy. They also provide some recipes from the place they visited, so even if you can't travel now, you can still have a taste of it.

I am now rekindling my love for FOOD Magazine. While I still think some of their recipes are lavish and quite difficult to cook, I have enjoyed flipping through its pages. While I would still give my vote to Yummy Magazine for their recipes, I would continue buying FOOD Magazine based on its articles. October issue had this "The 50 Best List," and I might actually follow their lead and post my personal 50 best list next Tuesday.

*** Jenn ***

ps - What's for dinner tonight? Pinatisang Pata ng Baboy, which I took from the September issue.

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