Friday, September 3, 2010

Mini M&Ms

05 - Repetition

About two weekends ago, one of my mom's best friends came over because they will be attending the anticipated mass. She handed us a bag of chocolates and candies, and one of those in the bag was a small tube of mini M&Ms. The family isn't into chocolates and candies, and because brother was still in Cagayan de Oro, these candies pretty much sit in fridge. I knew it is not really recommended to place chocolate candies in the fridge as they tend to melt when taken out, but these were already cold when we received it, so we had to store them in the fridge.

One of the items to be hunted in Kristi's photo hunt was "repetition," and because I won't eat the chocolates anyway, might as well use them as my subject. I laid my sister's uber big black shirt in the table and lined up the M&Ms - which were really mini! I struggled a bit because the sugar coating melted in my hand as I handle them, but I was happy that I was able to line them all good without erasing the "m" on most of the candies. :)

After taking pictures, I put the candies back on the tube and returned it to the fridge. Each time someone in the family would open the tube to get a candy or two, I just give out a secret giggle, because I touched each of the candies. Well, my hands were clean, I am sure :) Mean girl.

*** Jenn ***


u8mypinkc00kies said...

i looove m&ms...

maiylah said...

hehehe, nice story regarding how you got this shot. i like eating chocolates; i prefer the bitter/dark ones, though. :)

maiylah said...

oh, almost forgot:
thanks for enlightening me about my food post...i knew it was an empanada of some sort, but forgot the specific place. i never knew it was shredded papaya! cool...must try the other "version" of it when an opp comes.

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