Monday, September 13, 2010

Ineng's Barbecue

Monday is when I highlight foods I ate from the weekend, and for this post, it's about Ineng's Barbecue.

Ineng's Barbecue

From the Quezon City Circle, my friend Halie and I decided to walk to the weekend market of Lung Center of the Philippines to check it out since we were already in the area. On my part, I was looking forward to eating this barbecue following a spotlight on it at a recent "Tara Let's Eat" (QTV11) episode. I have been noticing this barbecue kiosk ever since we started going to the weekend market, but I never gave it much attention because I found their barbecues a bit expensive. TV was one great force, it seemed... and me seeing Tonipet Gaba ate the barbecues with gusto, I also wanted to try it, too.

I told myself I would only eat one stick of barbecue just to satisfy my curiosity, but seeing they have meals, too, I decided to go for it since I wasn't able to eat breakfast before leaving the house. I went for this meal - 2 pcs. of small pork barbecue with rice and for my side dish, I ordered ensaladang talong as well.

The verdict. It was indeed good. the pork was tender, it was marinated well, and it tasted great. The ensaladang talong was very typical, but it had a lot of chopped onions and tomatoes... and mixing all with soy sauce, kalamansi juice, and bagoong alamang (fermented shrimp paste) was just heavenly because it complemented well with the barbecue.

As good as it may be, I still have qualms about trying it again... the cost is still preventing me from eating it again.

*** Jenn ***


u8mypinkc00kies said...

i love their BBQ. even 1 stick is enough coz it's malaman! :D whenever we'd buy in Market Market, perfect combination would be Ineng's bbq and pancit from Buddy's! "D

Mother's Moon's Message said...

yum.... nothing better than good BBQ and I love all the different variations on it...

wenn said...

yummy! love it!

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