Monday, September 20, 2010

Friday Dinner

Barbecue and Soup

Last Friday, mom handed me her lunch bag and told me there were some foods inside. Brother and I were a bit stressing what to cook for dinner, and seeing that mom took home something eased up the worrying. At first I thought it was roasted chicken because it was something mom would buy for dinner from time to time, but when brother opened it, he said it was pork barbecue. Hmmm... yummy.

Brother cooked soup to go with the barbecue, but I didn't like it because it was corn flavored. I guess my tastebuds were used with having Nido Soup or the Cream of Mushroom, that I didn't like this. I took some sip and gave brother my bowl.

Mom told that she bought the pork barbecue at the store near her office. I liked the taste of the meat - this actually wasn't the first time we ate grilled foods from the store; in 2007, mom bought some marinated meats from them, which we took at the neighborhood's summer outing. I asked mom why she bought some barbecue there, and she told me that a stick of barbecue there cost only P15 each, which was a lot cheaper than Ineng's Barbecue. I told them I just ate Ineng's Barbecue two weekends ago, and through mom I just learned that there was already a branch at Nova Stop.

There wasn't much difference in the taste - I liked this barbecue because it had more lean meat than fat... and compared to Ineng's they used a slightly much thinner stick. I guess if one would ask me to choose between Ineng's and this one, I'd choose this.

*** Jenn ***

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