Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kebabers (SM Fairview)

My sister and I had an agreement that if I win in any of the Samsung Galaxy Mega Giveaway I joined, I will give her my Cherry Mobile Flare phone. When I received the good news that I won the gadget via NomNomClub, my sister was rejoicing because it also meant she can say goodbye to her Nokia C3 phone.

It was a day before our Boracay trip, and because my sister wanted to use the Flare during our trip, she asked me to buy my new phone a flip protective sleeve as well as the plastic screen protector so I can finally turn over the Flare to her. My expenses almost ate up the budget I brought that day, so for our lunch, we decided to eat at a budget friendly food place - Kebabers.

Kebabers - SM Fairview

Food places in SM City Fairview come and go, so whenever a new restaurant opens, we try to visit it as soon as we can. It took a while though before we dined here because we always had hesitations in trying their food, and since we usually dine with our mom, we couldn't tell for sure if she would like to try the place out.

Kebabers - SM Fairview

Checking the menu and realizing they offer food as low as 99 pesos, we figured it was time to finally try it out. Given the fact that it was still early for lunch (just 11am) and that there weren't much people in the mall, we were glad to share the place with other diners.

Crunchy Fish Meal

Fish Kebab Rice (3 pcs.)
I went for the 99pesos meal. The Kebab Rice had three variants - beef, chicken, and fish - and I obviously went for the fish variant. Let's start with the rice first. I couldn't tell what seasoning they used for the rice, but it wasn't the fried rice kind, something I appreciated. It was lightly seasoned and it was more than enough to satisfy one hungry tummy. The fish looked more like a burger patty, and it was very tasty. I loved pairing it with the provided tomato slice, but I sure hope they add more tomatoes to the meal. The garlic dip was also a good compliment to the fish kebab, and I seriously loved my meal.

Shawarma Rice

Beef Shawarma Rice Bowl
My sister went for the rice bowl instead of the traditional shawarma in pita bread, and she, too, liked it. If there was something to complain about, she said the beef was a little bland for her liking, which made her get more of my dip just to up the flavor of the rice in her meal. She also didn't appreciate the big cuts of onions, but overall, it was something she would want to eat again.

There are still a lot more to choose from their menu, and now that we have tasted their food, we would surely ask mom to dine with us there given the chance. Kebabers in SM City Fairview is located at the ground floor, in between the main mall and the annex, near Rai Rai Ken and Mister Donut.

The pictures in this post were taken using the camera of Samsung Galaxy Mega. All images are SOOC (straight out of camera) just to show you the kind of image it produce, and I was very pleased with it. It captures images very fast (no need to hold the camera for a few seconds) and very user friendly. I had to adjust, though... because the screen was so big. :) Also, it produces a long rectangular image, very different from the images from my camera and my old cell phones. Normally, I crop images to 640px on the longer end and auto crop would end up at 640 x 480, but images from the Samsung Galaxy Mega produces 640 x 360 images. I don't see any big problems with that, although of course that would mean not having the usual space I have when capturing images.

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