Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Day My Food Photographs Won Me a New Phone

When I read that NomNomClub was giving away a brand new Samsung Galaxy Mega phone, I hoped to win it. Luck wasn't at all a big factor in the giveaway as it wasn't a raffle - it was a photography contest, wherein people who wanted to join the giveaway had to submit a collection of three images. There were three ways to join, either post the pictures on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram... or on all three platforms. Upon seeing the TVC of the Samsung Galaxy Mega, I craved of owning it and decided to submit images on all platforms, giving me three chances of winning the gadget. Since this wasn't a raffle, I knew I had to be selective in what images to submit. Knowing that I can submit old images, the only thing to do was select which images to submit.

First set of images I uploaded on Instagram. These images were good, but I admit this wasn't really a strong set as there wasn't something that connects all three images. The final step of this giveaway was to create a Facebook Note indicating the links to the images with the option of writing a little something about it. Nothing linked these three images, so I knew upon submission that this won't win me the smartphone/phablet.

For Facebook and Twitter, I submitted the images by the end of the giveaway (last three days). Taking the lessons from my Instagram entry, I carefully planned which images to submit and the inspiration hit me on the last day. This set was my Facebook entry, and the thing that links all three images was that these came from the three major island groups of the Philippines - the Sundot Kulangot of Benguet (Luzon), the Mangoes of Guimaras (Visayas), and the Pastel of Camiguin (Mindanao).

This was the set I submitted using Twitter. I already posted the first image (Pocky) and the second image (Gummi Bears), and because it was on the last day that I got the inspiration how to present the images, I decided to switch the last images and uploaded the Hard Boiled Egg instead of the Pastel for this one. This set I named "Play With Food, Unleash Your Creativity," and this set won me the challenge!

I wanted to win this gadget that I actually joined three giveaways giving the same phone (I think there were about five or seven bloggers that gave away a brand new Samsung Galaxy Mega). There were still no winners for the other two giveaway I joined, but of course it's okay if I don't win.

New Phone

Last week, I finally got my new gadget. It was so big compared to my old phone, and owning this made me let go of the dreams of owning a tablet because this phone is already big enough for me to enjoy the eBooks I want to read as well as capture everyday images - including food.

I started using this the day after I received it, even took it with me on my Boracay weekend with my mom and sister... images I took using this phone I will share tomorrow.

All nine pictures I submitted were taken using a Point and Shoot camera. If there's one thing I would like to share to the people reading this post... please to don't let your camera hinder you from discovering the wonderful world of photography. Of course we all dream of owning a DSLR Camera (I have been dreaming of owning one since I started knowing about it), but while we're still waiting for that dream to realize, let's use the time to learn bits of knowledge that could help us capture better images once we finally have our dream camera in our hands.

I still have so many things to learn, and I am buying myself a ticket to ride into the wonderful world of foodography!

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