Thursday, August 1, 2013

McDonald's McSpicy

I spent my afternoon yesterday with my favorite girls - my sister and my mom. Sister had to do an errand, mom had to buy a replacement closet handle, and I... well, I just wanted to come with them. I got to see a kiosk selling second hand books and thought of buying a copy of "A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey, but I couldn't find another interesting book (it was buy one, take one at 99 pesos).

After doing everything they had to do, it was still early for sister to travel to work. Mom suggested we just use the time eating some snacks, and sister and I only had one place in mind to go - McDonald's. We don't eat there that often (although took part of the Despicable Me Minions happy meal craze), so we still haven't tasted the new burgers on the menu - Big & Tasty and McSpicy.

McDonald's McSpicy

I chose to eat the McSpicy. I was amazed at how thick the chicken meat was... though I was a little disappointed at how small it was, compared to the patty in my sister's Big & Tasty burger that was bigger (in circumference) than the bun. Anyway, the McSpicy wasn't as hot and spicy compared to KFC Zinger, but it did have a good amount of spice that made me like my sandwich. There weren't much dressing, which was just fine with me, but I didn't like the shredded lettuce that seemed to fall off every time I take a bite of my sandwich.

If you expect a very spicy burger, you might not like this. As for me, I liked it because it had a kick of spice without burning my mouth. For 80 pesos, it was priced reasonably because the sandwich was able to make me full that I didn't have the need to eat dinner that night.

Smurfs McFloat Smurfs McSundae

After the Minions, it is now the Smurfs taking the spotlight... and aside from the Happy Meal toys, which you can collect, McDonald's is also offering two Smurfs related food items - the Blueberry Mcfloat and the Blueberry McSundae. I loved the subtle taste of the blueberry mixed with Sprite, and I also liked how the sundae had a slight tangy taste.

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