Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yummy Eats 2012


Last Saturday, my sister and I were at the Rockwell Tent for Yummy Eats 2012. We enjoyed last year's event, so receiving invitations for this event made us really excited about it.

Biggest part of the event was sampling (and buying) food products from different concessionaires, but since that will be a long post, I will talk about my Top 10 finds on the next post, for now let me talk about the Food Demo and other parts of the event.

When we got there, Century Bangus was about to do their Food Demo, but since my sister and I were making rounds at the different concessionaires, we weren't able to watch it.

McCormick Demo

After eating our lunch, sister and I found empty seats at the demo area, which allowed me to watch the McCormick demo, featuring their new product: the Bread Spread.

McCormick Dish McCormick Dish McCormick Dish

Five dishes were made, but we (sister and I) only got to taste three because whenever we would ask for our share the staff would give it to others (haha): (left to right) Baked Butterflied Prawns in Garlic & Herb, Easy Caesar with Herb Parmesan, and Angeled Eggs with Pesto. Sister and I loved the three dishes and were very much convinced that the McCormick Bread Spread is so versatile and very tasty, too! Among the three flavors, we loved Garlic the most.

Jean Garcia and Celebrity Chef Nino Logarta

A few minutes after, Hunt's had their demo presented by celebrity chef Nino Logarta together with Hunt's celebrity endorser Jean Garcia. They prepared dishes using Hunt's tomato and spaghetti sauces.

Michelle Lim Pehpot Pineda Jackie Go
Michelle's Dishes Pehpot's Dishes Jackie's Dishes

At the same time, three mommy bloggers at the far end of the stage were also cooking it off using Hunt's products. Together with their kids as their assistants, they were asked to whip up three (or more) dishes in one hour. I wasn't able to follow the names of the dishes they made, but I admire them for coming up with three dishes in one hour while cooking in front of many audience.

Mommy Bloggers with Judges and Yummy Magazine EIC

In the end, it was mommy blogger Jackie Go who was named the winner, but of course all three contestants are winners in their own rights.

There were a few more demos after this, but my sister has to report for work already, so we decided to leave. It was indeed a fun event, and this early, we are already looking forward for the next Yummy Eats event.

Tomorrow, I will share our favorite food and dishes at the event.

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