Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ABC Wednesday | R and S

Another two-in-one post for me, simply because I forgot to take an R picture. :)


R is for Raisins.

I never really liked raisins. Not only did I find the appearance unappetizing, I also didn't like its taste. My brother on the other hand loves raisins and would often get all the raisins on my food. :) I do take out all the raisins on my food, but of course if it's in a cookie I don't take it out anymore for it will be such a hassle to do so; I will just chew on the cookie instead.


S is for Sky Flakes.

This has been a very popular brand of crackers here in the Philippines. It's light, had the right amount of saltiness, which makes it a good snack. For some, they eat this as their "diet" food - some people eat tend to just eat a pack of this (3 crackers inside) for dinner. I am in a weight loss journey, but I never really considered eating this for dinner as I find it very tasty I tend to eat 2 packs.

There are many flavors now, but aside from this one (the original flavor), I like the Onion and Chives flavor. Here at home, we oftentimes fix some tuna spread to go with the Sky Flakes crackers.

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