Friday, May 11, 2012

Sbarro (Robinson's Place Iloilo)

G/F, Robinson's Place Iloilo,
Ledesma St., Iloilo City
+63 (33)335-8455

Third day in Iloilo... not much places to visit for us, though there were a few tourist spots we wished to visit. The Museo Iloilo was a few minutes away by jeep from the inn, but when we got there are 11am, they were just about to close the museum for lunch break. We thought it was a little too early for lunch break, but the museum staff didn't allow us to enter and just asked us to come back at 1pm. Two-hour lunch break? Well, we thought it was too long to wait, so we just went to Robinson's Place Iloilo to wind up and eat lunch as well.

Sbarro - Robinson's Iloilo

There weren't much food places at the mall, and most are already familiar food places for me. One restaurant that is "new" to me was Hong Kong Kitchen something... and we wanted to eat there so we can also include Chinese cuisine to our list of food choices, but the place was already packed with diners. I surely didn't want to eat at Jollibee and K didn't like McDonald's, so we went for Sbarro.

Sbarro - Robinson's Iloilo

Compared to branches at SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia and Trinoma, this branch was small and there weren't much choices, but I saw it as a good thing - less choices means people will just have to choose whatever is available.

Spinach Lasagna

Spinach Lasagna. Years back, when I tasted Sbarro for the first time, I went for their Spaghetti in White Sauce with Meatball. Through the course of time, it was always my choice whenever I dine at Sbarro... and now that I have a food blog, I wanted to go for something different when I dine at a food place for the second or third time just to give it variation.

This pasta was good. It has a lot of fillings and it was actually a heavy meal - finishing this off made me so full, and me choosing the white sauce took me back to how I want my Sbarro pasta to be like. It is interesting to know that different branches offer the same taste of food, something I am quite pleased about.

Spaghetti with Meatball

Spaghetti with Meatball. K doesn't eat most types of cheese and he didn't want to go for their rice meal (which was something most diners ate that time), so he went for spaghetti with meatball (1/2 serving). He wasn't that hungry and he didn't want to eat the entire half serving, so while the staff was putting spaghetti on his plate, he asked the staff to stop as soon as she placed some spaghetti. I told him he wasn't getting his money's worth because it was obviously less than what the serving should be, but he didn't want to end up with a bloated feeling and he didn't want to force himself to eat the entire serving, so this was enough for him. Well, I guess I could consider that as a diet tip. :)

For drinks, we both went for Royal Tru-Orange.

We roamed around the mall for some good 30 minutes before we left and took a jeep to our next destination: Jaro Church.


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