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Weekend Eating | Na Tri Mo Na Ba?

Tri Mo SHAWARMA Co (at iba pa)
Bristol St. - Brgy. Greater Lagro, Quezon City
04 February 2012

Tri Mo Shawarma Co

It being a Saturday, my sister and I thought there will be quite a lot of people at the salon, but because it was still quite early in the afternoon, we thought of having a quick food trip, just to be out of the house longer. I asked her if she wanted to eat shawarma, and in no time, we were in a jeep going to Tri Mo Shawarma Co in Lagro.

When I first visited the place, I thought the "Co" was short for "company," when I took the image above, I just then realized it was read - "Try Mo Shawarma Ko" (Try My Shawarma). Quite a catchy and clever business name, eh?

Tri Mo Shawarma Co

Since it opened in 2001, it has received lots of raves here and there - and this being the ONLY branch (they are not franchising, by the way), some people really go the distance to taste for themselves what the rave is about their shawarmas.

The place is quite small, and with so many people wanting to eat, they came up with a system to make things easy for everybody. When you arrive at the place, get a number card located at the counter and look for a place to sit at (if you're dining in). If you're there to take out the food, just take a number and stay wherever you want to stay at and wait for your number to be called. Upon presenting the number card, they will then ask for your order and quickly wrap up all the shawarma you needed before they call in the next number. Of course, they also serve other dishes - like sizzling shawarma and other Filipino rice meals - so you might have to wait longer, but based on my observation, they will serve the shawarmas first, let the customer wait for the other orders to be served while they attend to the next customer. No worries, they do have a microphone, so even if you're outside of the store, you will hear your number being called. Just so you know... they don't honor orders without the number card, so be quick in getting a number card if you don't want to wait. :)

Tri Mo Shawarma Co

I am just amazed at how fast they wrap up the shawarmas... the person in charge of making the shawarmas is so focused on her job - she doesn't miss an order once the counter person called it out. 10 shawarmas in one order... she can wrap it up in no time!

Special Beef Shawarma with Cheese

They have three kinds of meat to choose from - beef, pork, and chicken. Each meat have their own set of dishes: sizzling, special with (or without) cheese, regular with (or without) cheese, and all meat. For this day, though, sister and I went for the same choice: Special Beef Shawarma with Cheese (p70). I don't know how this would compare with the regular, but comparing to the other food trip I had, I was so please with how much veggies my shawarma had. As always, it was oh-so-meaty and yes, very, very tasty.

If you dine in, you basically can use as much sauce as you want - which comes in two flavors - the regular and the spicy one. For my shawarma, I used the spicy one, while sister mixed in the sauces, just to make the spicy sauce a little milder.

We both enjoyed our food trip, and we look forward to eat here again - and when that day comes, I will either try their chicken shawarma or their sizzling beef shawarma.

Tri Mo Shawarma Co is located along Bristol St. in Brgy. Greater Lagro, Quezon City. It's just right after the barangay's entrance, so you won't miss it. They only accept cash, and they are open everyday from 3pm - 3am.

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So... what did you have last weekend? If you're new to the Weekend Eating meme, you can read the rules and get the badge codes HERE. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined last week.

Thanks to my sister, too, for coming with me and for taking the first picture on this post.

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