Monday, February 27, 2012

Cha Dao Tea Place Opens at SM Fairview

Cha Dao Tea Place
SM City Fairview
26 February 2012

It was sometime last year when I first tasted Cha Dao Milk Tea. It was a very pleasurable experience and my sister and I hoped to go back there again, but the branch at Don Antonio is still quite far from our place, and their branch at Fairview (near FEU Hospital) was a little out of the way even if it's the closest to our place in distance.

I am a fan of Cha Dao Tea Place on Facebook, so I am updated with the newest news about them, and when they posted that they just opened a branch at SM Fairview, I quickly told my sister about it and planned on to visit the branch the soonest possible time. She's now back at workforce, so it was just yesterday that we were able to visit the store.

Sister Placing the Orders

It was just a little kiosk located between the old and new Annex sections of SM Fairview - right in front of Dulcinea and Office Warehouse. Though small, we found their kiosk very clean and organized, and three staff were coordinating with each other to ensure they provide good, quality service.

This being our second Cha Dao Tea Place experience, we wanted to taste drinks different from our first visit.

Cha Dao

Classic Milk Tea Choco-Strawberry Yakult Blend

Classic Milk Tea (with Popping Bobba). Sister's choice. She really loves milk tea and she found this really good. It was able to calm her senses and she loved the popping bobba!

Chocolate Strawberry Yakult Blend (with Popping Bobba). When I tasted my sister's Peach Mango Yakult Blend before, I fell in love with it, so I told myself the next time I'd visit Cha Dao Tea Place, I'd go for their Yakult Blends. I am intrigued at how Yakult, Chocolate and Strawberry would go, so I went for this. I wasn't disappointed. I loved it so much - the blend of the flavors did go well together.

Both drinks had tube ice in it. It took a while before the drink's temperature changed, but even if the drink wasn't overly cold even when all the ice has melted, I enjoyed the drink. Maybe next time I'd go for another Yakult Blend.

Oh... since this is a new branch, they offer free upgrade to XL cup every time you order for an L cup. This will run until the end of the month, so you still have two days to visit the kiosk and enjoy a cup of Cha Dao Tea Place's drinks. My sister actually only paid p75 for her cup (p65 for the drink + p10 for the sinkers), but since they only offer XL cup for the Yakult Blends, I wasn't able to get discount really... but it's okay, I loved my drink anyway!

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