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Putting Our "Best Food Forward" with the Nuffies

Best Food Forward was a food fair I wasn't able to attend last year, so when I received an invitation from Nuffnang Philippines that is related to the upcoming Best Food Forward this year, I quickly told them I'd go. It was also a sweet blessing that they invited my brother - I won't be going to the event alone. :)

Best Food Forward


This exclusive event happened last Saturday at a residence inside Magallanes Village. Brother and I were actually late, but it was a good thing that the event hasn't really started yet, though we weren't able to chit-chat with the bloggers present at the event because as soon as we found a table, the event started. One thing for sure, it was amazing seeing familiar faces - Jill (The Food Scout), Richard (Tales From the Tummy), Joanne (The Food Alphabet), and Jonel (Nom Nom Club). It was also great to see Barbie, whom I met at the scrapbooking circle years back and Nuffnang's very own Marissa, who is the cousin of one of my high school friends (and is also a school mate in College).

Based on what I heard, organizers wanted to make Best Food Forward an every other year event, but because the very first one drew a lot of attention and foodies were craving for more, they decided to make this an annual event.

There will be a lot of concessionaires at the event, but this being a pre-fair event, ten of the would be concessionaires were there to sample their food. What we had...

The Fruit Garden

The Fruit Garden. The very first time I tasted The Fruit Garden's fruit jams, I was already in love with it. For this event, they let us sample three of their newest flavors: Mango Guyabano, Mango Durian, and Mango Jackfruit. Among the three, I loved the Mango Jackfuit, but my ultimate favorite The Fruit Garden jam would be their Mango Ginger.

Casa San Luis

Casa San Luis. They let us taste their "Le Grand Chocolat," a triple chocolate mousse cake with pure Belgian chocolate. It's a dark chocolate cake topped with two layers of creamy chocolate mousse. Yes, those were bits of ChocNut at the top... and although it looked simple on the outside, the layers of cake and mousse inside as well as its flavor wasn't so simple at all. I actually told brother I'd just get one slice so we could share, but when I had my first spoonful, I only had raves about it and brother was teasing me, because I simply couldn't stop eating it. It wasn't so sweet, the flavors were really grand, I love it a lot!

Pint Ice Cream

Pint Homemade Ice Cream. There were five flavors available, and because I wanted to taste all, I just asked them to get even just a half a dessert spoon of each flavor so I could taste all. I forgot the exact names of the flavors, but I loved the chocolate one - it was so creamy and so chocolate-y. Brother loved the chocolate one, too.


Choco ATBP. This husband-and-wife team business made their debut at the first Best Food Forward event. Their main product is the Chocolate de Batirol, but they also have cupcakes and this very sinful bread spread called "Tiltilan," which is made from fish eggs. It's quite salty and sinful, even they ask people to eat it in moderation.

I got to taste their Chocolate de Batirol and I appreciated its rich chocolate taste. Even if it was mixed with milk and sugar, I still was able to taste the goodness of chocolate. As for the cupcakes, they had two variants: the mild (the one shaped like muffins) and the strong (the one shaped like bars). The mild one is so good, but I preferred the strong one more because I love dark chocolate and it was so bitter and so strong, I am craving for it while writing this.

Carlo's Kitchen

Carlo's Kitchen. This is their "Crunchy Belly," bacon-thin sliced pork belly, breaded and fried. I wasn't able to taste this, but based on what I heard, it was like chicharon with very mild salty taste. One thing to commend, too, was that it wasn't oily at all.

Skew U

Skew U. They actually served us a full meal - two kebabs with rice. The rice had cumin flavor and the kebabs had some kind of peanut sauce, which really paired well. My brother loved it a lot because it was very light in seasonings.

Manang's Chicken

Manang's Chicken. I've seen Manang's Chicken when I visited Mercato Centrale, but wasn't able to taste it. I have read a lot of raves about the chicken, and although it was good, it was wee bit sweet for my taste. Taking that aside, I loved how crunchy it is and how the chicken itself is already enough - no need for dips and gravies. :)

Quantum Cafe

Quantum Cafe. They let us sample different kinds of pizza that are vegetarian-friendly as the family behind the cafe are vegetarian. This Full Moon Pizza may look very simple, but they actually use whole wheat crust, which they make fresh daily. I love this pizza (my favorite among the flavors I tasted), especially with a few sprinkles of chili flakes.

Simply Pie

Simply Pie. I got to sample their pies at the Yummy Eats event, so I already knew their food would be great. I loved their Spinach, Feta, and Sundried Tomatoes quiche, but the other two flavors were good, too.

Butter Beer

Butter Beer. The inspiration for this came from Harry Potter and Hogwarts. The sound of butter and beer caught my interest, so I didn't let this slip off my tastebuds. It didn't taste like beer at was actually sweet and quite pleasurable to drink!

These were just 10 of the many, many concessionaires sampling their food at the upcoming Best Food Forward. If you're excited (as I am) to taste yummy goodness and yes buy some, if not all, for your family and friends to share, mark your calendars...

24 and 25 March 2012
The NBC Tent - Bonifacio Global City (Taguig)

To know more information and to inquire how you can be part of the Best Food Forward, please check their website -, or give them a call at (02)211-9644 or 0917-887-1933. You may also send them an email at:

I will surely be at the event (I am eyeing the first day), so if you will be there, see you!

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So... what did you have last weekend? If you're new to the Weekend Eating meme, you can read the rules and get the badge codes HERE. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined last week.

Thank you, Nuffnang Philippines for the invitation!

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