Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Celebrate the Love Month with Bizu Patisserie

If my memory serves me correctly, the most memorable Valentine's Day celebration I had was in 2007 - when mom surprised us all with gifts: a teddy bear for dad, a pillow for sister and I, and a monkey stuffed toy for brother. It was memorable because all of us enjoyed the gifts, and it was the last Valentine's Day we celebrated with dad, as he died nearly three weeks after that day.

Five years after and I am celebrating another very memorable Valentine's Day - because this has been the year that I am celebrating it with my boyfriend (our main celebration will be a few days from now, though) and that this year we hosted a mini-pastry party.

If you ask me, I'd pretty much prefer receiving useful gifts and food for Valentine's Day than flowers, because flowers tend to die a few days after, yet the useful gifts are something I could use for a long time and food can be something I can share with family and friends.

Valentine's Day was yesterday, but I am sure most couples don't celebrate it on the day itself as there are a lot of couples celebrating. Well, today is the 15th - a payday... and if you're planning to have that wonderful sweet gift for your significant other, one option you may want to check is Bizu Patisserie's Valentine's Day Collection.

Strawberry Macaron de Paris

Macaron de Paris. The Macaron de Paris we know is circular... but since it's the love month, Bizu has a special Macaron de Paris in heart shape! Between these light merengue are strawberry cream, which are truly delectable!

Romance Cake

Romance Cake

Romance. Dark chocolate ganache, salted caramel, and fresh strawberries. My images weren't that clear, but it sure was a taste of heaven! It's like chocolate bar shaped into a cake, and the fresh strawberries didn't just add a twist of flavor, it also cut in the richness of the cake with its natural tang.

Sugar-less Allure

Sugar-less Allure

Sugar-less Allure. Sugar-less gianduja dark chocolate, hazelnut praline mousse and a Dominique truffle. Between the two cakes, I loved this more because it was a little light, and I love the texture of the hazelnut praline. The Dominique truffle is another great tasting treat - it's like eating Tablea Chocolate, something I really enjoyed, because I love dark chocolate!

For Valentine's Day this year, these three awesome pastries were part of our Pastry Party at home. My family and friend Ria loved Romance, while I loved Allure a lot... so I let them indulge in Romance, I'd take all the Allure for myself! :)

If you want to share these sweet pastries from Manila's premier patisserie - Bizu Patisserie - drop by any of their branches (Greenbelt 2, Greenhills Promenade, Alabang Town Center, and St. Luke's Medical Center - Bonifacio Global City) to check their Valentine's Collection and some more sweet treats. To find out more about these pastries and other products, please check Bizu Patisserie Website and Bizu Patisserie Facebook Page.

Continue spreading the love all month and all year long!

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