Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's New with YUMMY Magazine?

2012 is the year Yummy Magazine marks it's 5th anniversary. This milestone in providing foodies with yummy articles, recipes and food stories is going to be a year-long celebration, and for their first issue this year, Yummy Magazine will introduce new columns and sections:
  • Guest Chef - a new section wherein readers can learn more about a renowned personality in the foodie world. Will your favorite celebrity chef be featured? Let's hope so.
  • Yummy Likes! - a collection of Yummy editors' best picks of anything and everything about food.
  • Making It - spotlighting local artisans who are living out their foodie passions.
  • Everyday Recipes - This has been a part of Yummy Magazine since then, but this month, this section will be having an upgrade - featuring more baon recipes using 5 ingredients.

Content isn't what the people behind the magazine is working at... next issue, they will be unveiling the new look of Yummy Magazine. I think the current issue looks great, but of course, since this year marks a milestone, I am sure the new look for the magazine will be much, much better.

The first month of the year is oftentimes the month people make resolutions and often, healthy eating is always part of our resolutions (including me). The January / February 2012 issue of the Yummy Magazine recognizes this need for us to start fresh, and aside from the new changes, the magazine also features homegrown products and recipes that will help foodies kick start their healthy lifestyle.

Quoting Yummy Magazine's editor-in-chief, Becky Kho, "YUMMY is expected to be a more fun, helpful, useful cooking and dining companion for you."

The January / February 2012 issue is now available at bookstores, supermarkets, and newsstands nationwide. To get more Yummy news, you can check their website at or follow them at Twitter - or like their Facebook page -

Here's to a fresh start!

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