Friday, November 18, 2011

Fancy a Whammy?

Wham! Burgers
Ground Floor - SM City Fairview
Quirino Highway cor Regalado Avenue, Quezon City
+63 (02)355-9426
09 November 2010

After our burger trip at BBB (Big, Better Burgers), sister suggested I try eating at Wham! Burgers because they also serve a burger something similar to the Hahalapeno Burger I had at BBB. It took sometime before I was able to try Wham! Burgers, but it was a food trip I was so excited to do.

Wham! Burgers

I don't know exactly when Wham! Burgers came to life, but I do remember sharing my sister's food trip on our family blog (which I already closed). Anyway, checking their Facebook Page, they wrote, "We are a gourmet burger quick service restaurant that serves only the freshest 1/3 pound pure beef in every burger. Our patties are never frozen so it's always juicy and fresh!"

Wham! Burgers

The store was small - just a few tables and chairs inside and some outside the store. We came in around 2pm, and we were the only ones there - maybe because it was an off time. I let my sister order for me (but we paid our own bill) and we had:

Kapow! Burger

Kapow! Burger. 1/3 pound all beef patty with chili sauce, freshly made salsa, American cheese slice, and jalapeno peppers. I really, really love salsa, so I chose this. Part of me also ordered this so I could compare it to BBB's Hahalapeno Burger, and while both burgers tasted great, I would say I liked BBB's patty more, but I do love the jalapeno peppers on this one. This was spicier than BBB's, and halfway through my burger my mouth was so spicy that I couldn't enjoy the burger more. I was able to finish it, yes, but if you're not into spicy food, best not to choose this one because the jalapenos can really be spicy.

Double Whammy with Cheese

Double Whammy with Cheese. 1/3 pound all beef patty with ketchup, mustard, lettuce and tomato. Well, even if I don't say it, my sister surely loves Wham! Burger and went for a double whammy! She is slimmer than me, but when it comes to burgers, she really does have the appetite for it.

My burger was spicy, so in a way I wasn't able to really taste how good Wham! Burgers patties are. I bit into my sister's burger and I could say I loved it char-grilled smoky flavor. I do love burgers that are grilled (and not fried), and although I still favored BBB, Wham! Burgers are good in their own way as well.

For this food trip, sister and I opted to have side dishes, and we had:

Onion Rings

Onion Rings. Not as delicious as the one I had at Brother's Burgers, but this is surely much better than the one served at Burger King.


Crosstax. They do have French Fries, but sister chose this just to be different. :) I say I had fun munching these because it was crispier than the regular French Fries.

I enjoyed our burger trip here. Their burgers aren't really that expensive, and they do have wonderful, friendly wait staff. I also loved the wall decorations as well as the cartoon-inspired place mat, which made a good background while taking pictures of the food.


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