Thursday, November 3, 2011

Country Style for Breakfast

Country Style
Raymond Bus Lines
Cubao, Quezon City
31 October 2010

Okay... a few weeks of other posts for Food Trip Friday, let me get back on my food trip stories from last year. :) Ria and I left Vigan at 9:30pm of 30 October, and we reached Cubao at around 5:30am of 31 October. My mom and my brother would be traveling to La Union that morning, and because we all know bus stations were always jam-packed during this time of the year, brother asked us to stay at the bus station for a while and wait until he and mom arrived. Viron Bus Company don't allow early selling of tickets (they usually go for first come, first served basis), but they do open the ticket booth 30 minutes before the bus leaves. One staff was giving away numbers to people to make the process smooth and in orderly system, so Ria and I stayed just so we could get a number even before brother and mom arrived. They reached the bus station at about 7:30am, and after a few minutes of chit-chats and "habilin" (since I will be home alone), Ria and I left.

Traveling all night made us hungry, and we decided to go back to Country Style to have breakfast.

Hungarian Sausage Combo

Hungarian Sausage Combo. Ria's choice. I rarely eat Hungarian Sausage so I can't compare it to the other kinds, but I could say that I liked the taste of it.

Heavenly Ham Sandwich

Heavenly Ham Sandwich. My choice. I loved how they toasted the bread (I do love bread toasted like this - a bit brown, the outer part crunchy), and how generous the fillings were. Well, the ham tasted like the usual sweet ham we could buy at the supermarket, but the fresh veggies sure made the sandwich very appetizing.

We started our Ilocos trip by eating at Country Style (you can read about that HERE), and it was just interesting that it was also our last stop before we went home. This trip surely came at a full circle.

This Country Style branch is located at the compound of Raymond Bus Lines near Victory Liner in Cubao.


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