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Weekend Eating | Food Finds at Quezon Memorial Circle

My Saturday was a bit of a blah because of a cold virus that left me sneezing and feeling drowsy, but Sunday was a breathe of fresh air. I met a fitness buddy online (quite a strict person when it come to my diet and exercise, but very sweet of a person as well), and we decided to meet personally yesterday (Sunday). We walked around Quezon Memorial Circle - me going with his pace, and after a few rounds and a break at the Flower Garden and a few more rounds of walking around, we decided it's time for us to check the weekend market and go grab something to eat.

Compared to Salcedo Village and Sidcor Weekend Markets, the one here didn't have that much to offer - but there were some stalls that caught my interest. Before going here, I already thought about my Weekend Eating post, and told myself I will go find the "healthier options" once I come here.

Fruit Concentrates

First to caught my interest were these bottles of Fruit Concentrates. When we stopped by here, there was this one person inquiring about the products, and Pipoy (my fitness buddy) told me about the health benefits of Guyabano. Anyway, these concentrates were sold for 150 per bottle, and the vendor told us to prepare the concentrate with 1:2 ratio - 1 part concentrate, 2 parts water. The guyabano one also had the "unsweetened" variety, and aside from these three flavors, there's also the Dalanghita kind.

Soya Milk

Walking further, I saw a stall that sells Soya-based products. I wasn't able to inquire how much their products are, but aside from Soya Milk, they also sell Vege-Meat, Vege-Tocino, and Tofu.

I didn't bring much that day - just enough for fare and some snacks - so I didn't buy anything, but I am looking forward to come back here and buy myself a bottle of that Guyabano concentrate and a pack of vege-meat.

Other healthy products I saw that day include: carrot juice, some leafy veggies - sayote tops and fern, and wheatgrass.

Of course, walking around the market trying to look for something to eat, I also got to see food products that I so want to eat, but wasn't able to.

Piaya Japanese Cakes

Piaya and Japanese Cakes. I wasn't able to see how the Piaya were made - if the discs (hehe) were already like that and the vendor would just cook it, or he would prepare it first before cooking it. Each piaya costs p6, something I am sure my sister would love to buy if I ask her to come with me here.

The Japanese Cakes aren't new to me... I got to see a little stall outside of our neighborhood selling that, but I still haven't tasted it, hence my interest. I don't know if this is basically hotcakes (or pancakes) shaped like that, or maybe it tasted a bit like Oishi Manju (spell cake), which can be bought at the malls.

Obviously, I didn't buy any of these, but next time, I might.

As for our snacks, we had:

Lumpia and Lugaw

Toge Lumpia and Lugaw. I did eat a piece of bread before traveling to QMC, but of course I felt quite hungry that time, and thought of eating rice or pancit so I would eat something heavy, which could also be my early lunch. However, hearing Pipoy say he would just go for lugaw, I opted to eat the lumpia instead. At p10 each, I initially went for two pieces, but I only ate one and a half - I gave Pipoy the other half of the lumpia.

Passion Fruit Ice Cream

Dragon Fruit Ice Cream. I am not a big Ice Cream eater, but I kept bugging Pipoy about the Ice Cream (just to test his patience in a way - haha), so when we saw this, he told me I could eat it because it's dragon fruit and it's healthy compared to other ice cream flavors (vanilla, chocolate). I liked it, but I personally didn't like the cheese bits in it. Somehow, it didn't have that much dragon fruit flavor. I actually loved the one I ate at the Simply Butterflies Conservation (Bilar, Bohol) because it was creamier and had more flavor. Well, traveling to Bohol would be more expensive, so this one I appreciated. At least I knew I had the healthier option.

It was around 11am when we had our snacks - and me going for the lumpia made me think I will just eat lunch at home, but surprisingly, I wasn't hungry when I got home - even if the family was eating when I arrived. My tummy is now getting used to eat lesser than the usual, and for that I am thankful.

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So... what did you have last weekend? If you're new to the Weekend Eating meme, you can read the rules and get the badge codes HERE. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined last week.

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